What is X (formerly twitter)?

Following a mascot change and rebranding after Elon Musk’s acquisition, the social media platform now known as X has undergone significant evolution over the past few years. The platform places a strong emphasis on free speech, drawing both accolades and critiques for its approach. Whether it meets this ideal is subjective, but for newcomers, here’s an overview of what X is and how it functions.

Understanding X (Formerly Twitter)

X, formerly known as Twitter, is a social media platform where users post short messages to engage and connect with an audience or a “circle” of individuals and accounts that share similar interests.

You can follow users who post interesting content or casual conversations, and others can follow you for the same reasons. Interaction is possible through replies, quotes, or likes on posts shared by others. In essence, X is a platform to explore and participate in various topics, people, companies, and their discussions.

How Does X Operate?

Users can post short messages, images, or both. These posts then appear on the feeds of their followers. When followers or others interact with a post, it becomes visible to their followers, creating a ripple effect that can potentially reach millions of users.

Initially, Twitter generated revenue solely through advertisements. However, after the acquisition and rebranding, Elon Musk introduced a subscription service that increases the word limit from 280 to 25,000 characters, making the platform a viable option for blogging. Here are the benefits of X Premium.

X Premium offers access to Grok AI, removes ads, boosts post and reply visibility, and provides the coveted blue checkmark. Additionally, Premium users can earn money for their posts and access analytics.

Uses of X

Most users rely on X to stay updated with the latest global trends and events. News from experts and journalists, whether political, technological, or geographical, is highly popular. The platform also serves as a voice for amateurs, students, and professionals. With a vast array of influencers and video creators, X is an excellent resource for continuous learning.

X is also used for advertising, offering easy promotion with high potential returns due to its vast audience. It can function as a messaging tool, allowing direct messages to those with open DMs.

X features a trending section that highlights popular topics based on the volume of posts. These trends are tailored to the user’s interactions, as determined by the platform’s algorithm.

X communities provide a way to find and join groups of like-minded individuals. The platform includes various features to filter or block content and people, enhancing the user experience.

Who Uses X?

People from all walks of life, including celebrities, social media influencers, politicians, and major corporations, are on X. Anyone can join and participate with an internet connection. You might even find and follow some of your inspirations on the platform.

Despite the rebranding, many still refer to it as Twitter, and it’s likely the name will persist in public memory. What do you think about this social media platform? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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