Steps to Take if You Are Scammed on Facebook Marketplace

While the internet offers many benefits, it also harbors scammers who exploit people’s trust to steal their savings. If you’ve been scammed on Facebook Marketplace and are unsure what to do next, here are some steps to follow.

Contact Your Bank Immediately

If you were scammed and used a credit or debit card for payment, contact your bank immediately to report the fraudulent activity and request a transaction reversal.

In most cases, you should be able to recover your money.

Contact Law Enforcement

Next, alert law enforcement and scam agencies. Provide them with proof of payment, screenshots of chats, the scammer’s profile, and details about the product (especially if it’s not as described).

Give clear and concise descriptions of the incident, as even minor details can help law enforcement catch the scammer or resolve the issue faster.

Reach Out to the Scammer

While it may seem futile, try contacting the scammer. They may not have blocked you and might respond if you politely request a refund, mentioning potential legal action. Take screenshots of their profile and previous conversations for evidence. If blocked on Facebook Marketplace, try contacting them via Facebook Messenger.

Report the Scammer to Facebook

Although this won’t recover your money, reporting the scammer to Facebook can prevent others from falling victim. Facebook will investigate your report and may ban the account if it confirms fraudulent activity.

If you’ve disclosed your account credentials or payment details

Immediately change your account passwords. Block your cards and wallets, and update their credentials and PINs. If you installed any suspicious apps or clicked on dubious links, delete the app and remove any downloads.

If your Facebook account password was shared or phished, change it immediately and alert your contacts to ignore any urgent money requests from your account. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) if you haven’t already.

Alert Others On The Platform

Warn others about the scam on the platform. Sharing your experience can help prevent others from being scammed. Explain what happened and provide tips on how to avoid similar scams. We have a dedicated article on types of Facebook Marketplace scams and how to avoid them. Share it with your family and friends.

Always Be Vigilant

Be cautious if someone asks for advance payment or sends a payment link. Always deal with people in person and transfer money only after inspecting the product. Never share your credentials or personal phone number.

Beware of overly eager sellers, as they might be selling stolen goods. Watch out for overpayment scams and bait-and-switch tactics where the product you receive isn’t as advertised.

Have You Been Scammed on Facebook Marketplace?

Getting scammed is a terrible experience but can be a learning opportunity about internet safety. Early reporting can often help recover your money, though some may not get it back. The number of scammers on Facebook Marketplace is increasing, so consider using other platforms like eBay. If eBay isn’t available in your region, there should be other local buying and selling platforms.

Have you been a victim of a scam on Facebook Marketplace? If so, how did you handle it and did you recover your money? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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