Playing Music on Twitch: Answered

Twitch is a highly popular streaming platform with numerous creators broadcasting live across various categories. If you’re considering streaming on Twitch, you might wonder whether you can play music during your streams. The answer to this question is somewhat complex. Here’s what you need to know.

Can You Play Music on Twitch?

Yes, you can play music on Twitch as long as it is not copyrighted or you have explicit permission from the creators. According to Twitch’s terms and conditions, playing copyrighted music on your stream, which will later be available as Video on Demand (VOD), can lead to several consequences.

If you use copyrighted music without permission, your channel may receive copyright strikes, and Twitch might mute portions of your video to remove the infringing content. In severe cases, your channel could be banned. Twitch’s audio recognition system monitors streams, and if it detects three or more instances of copyrighted music in a day, you will receive an email notification.

Play Music on Twitch Easily

There are various ways to play music on Twitch without facing copyright issues. Using your own music is the primary option, but not everyone has that luxury. Subscribing to services like Uppbeat and Epidemic Sound can provide copyright-free music. Another alternative is creating music using AI tools such as Google MusicFX or Musicfy.

Streaming Copyrighted Music on Twitch

Many creators on Twitch often play popular music during streams, using a clever trick to avoid copyright problems. You can prevent music from being recorded in Twitch VODs by utilizing OBS. This software allows you to easily separate the music from your stream.

This way, the music will not be saved in your stream recording and won’t be included in the VOD. Twitch facilitates this by defining two audio paths – one for VODs and one for live streaming.

  • Access OBS Studio and navigate to File > Settings > Output.

  • Enable Custom Encoder Settings (Advanced) and Twitch VOD Track (Uses Track 2) options under “Streaming”.

  • Add a new source by clicking the + icon in your sources and choosing Application Audio Capture (BETA).

  • Name the source and select the music streaming platform currently active on your computer (Spotify, Apple Music, etc).

  • Once completed, select OK, and the source will appear in the Audio Mixer.
  • Click the cogwheel icon below the Audio Mixer to open the Advanced Audio Properties window.
  • In the window, deselect the Track 2 option under “Tracks” for the added music source.

  • With these steps, the music you play during Twitch streams will not be saved or included in Twitch VODs.

While this allows you to stream copyrighted music on your Twitch stream, there is still a risk of potential issues with your channel’s copyright status.

Have you experienced any copyright strikes due to using copyrighted music in your Twitch VODs? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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