How to Access Your YouTube Music Recap 2023

Unlike Apple Music, YouTube Music and Spotify don’t offer year-round access to your listening stats. However, at this time each year, both platforms unveil stats from the previous year. These insights reveal your top tracks, artists, or albums, offering a fantastic way to recap your musical journey. For those using YouTube Music, the YouTube Music Recap 2023 is currently being rolled out. Here’s how to unlock and access it!

Accessing Your YouTube Music Recap 2023

Unlocking your YouTube Music Recap for the year requires a minimum of 10 hours of music streaming. Keep in mind that the YT Music Recap is exclusively available through the Android and iOS apps, unlike Spotify Wrapped, which can also be accessed via the web.

Fortunately, the method to access your recap remains consistent across both platforms. In this instance, we’ll demonstrate the process using an Android device. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Launch the YouTube Music app on your iPhone or Android device, then tap your profile icon located at the top right corner.
  • Next, select “Your Recap” to navigate to the official Recap feed page.

Note: YouTube Music Recap doesn't always roll out simultaneously for all users like Spotify Wrapped. If you encounter the "Nothing to hear here" error message on your Recap page, don't fret—it will eventually unlock for you as well.

  • Upon entering your 2023 Recap page, locate and tap the “Get your Recap” button. Your YT Music Recap stats will be displayed here. Use the left and right corners of the slides to navigate through your recap.

Downloading/ Sharing Your YouTube Music Recap

  • To download your Recap slides, begin by tapping on the “Your Recapbutton on your Recap page to access the statistics slides.
  • As you view your Recap slides, notice a small Download button positioned at the bottom left of each slide. Tap this button to save the slide to your camera roll.
  • For sharing these slides on your social media, tap the prominent Share button located at the bottom.

In my opinion, saving the slides you wish to share saves the hassle of revisiting the Recap page repeatedly and tapping the Share button each time. I prefer to download and store them all in my camera roll, making them readily available for sharing whenever I want.

According to a YouTube support page, entering “Recap” into your YouTube Music search should lead you to your recap playlist. However, this method didn’t work for us, and we couldn’t find an alternative way to access the 2023 Recap playlist. Additionally, an intriguing feature I found was “Your Album Art” on YT Music Recap, which utilizes colors from the album art of your top tracks introduced by YouTube this year. Have you received your YouTube Music Recap 2023? Share your experience in the comments below!

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