Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree – Hornsent Grandam Quest Guide

Beyond the impressive new weapons, armor, talismans, and captivating story, the beauty of the Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, shines through its NPC side-stories. One standout NPC is the Honsent Grandam, found within the Belurat Tower Legacy Dungeon. Completing her questline involves some unique quirks. After thoroughly exploring the Elden Ring DLC with my colleague, I decided to compile a walkthrough for the Hornsent Grandam in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree. Here are the steps to follow!

Honsent Grandam Location in Elden Ring

To start the Hornsent Grandam storyline in Shadow of the Erdtree, you need to find her in Belurat Tower, in a room next to the Small Private Area Site of Grace. The door to her room is locked, and here’s how to unlock it:

  • Begin at the Belurat Tower Settlement Site of Grace. Head straight up the stairs, defeating the enemies along the way.
  • Take the stairs on the right, then turn left onto a long pathway. Be cautious of enemies here as well.
  • At the end of the pathway, turn left through an archway and climb the stairs to activate the Private Altar Site of Grace.
  • From this Site of Grace, go straight through the arch and turn left to reach a balcony. The door to Hornsent Grandam’s room is locked at the end of this balcony.

Location of Hornsent Grandam’s Room Key

Fortunately, the key to the room is also located in Belurat Tower and is nearby and easy to obtain. Here’s how to get the key:

  • From the Private Altar Site of Grace, instead of heading left towards the balcony, take a right and go outside to an area with broken houses and roofs.
  • Ignore the strong enemy patrolling outside and jump onto one of the roofs. Drop down to the left and proceed forward, taking another left.
  • Refer to the image below for guidance.Defeat all the enemies in this area, then take a right through an archway.Climb the stairs and interact with the corpse to find the key.

Return to the locked door and unlock it. Inside, you’ll find Hornsent Grandam. When you talk to her, she will be hostile, cursing both Mesmer and you, the player.

Defeating the Divine Beast Dancing Lion

With Hornsent Grandam now talking, it’s time to progress the Elden Ring Erdtree questline. To complete the first part, you’ll need to defeat the first central boss of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, named Divine Beast Dancing Lion. This boss is located at the top of Belurat Tower, and the path is quite linear.

The fight with Divine Beast Dancing Lion is relatively easy, though his elemental changes in each phase can be overwhelming. Don’t hesitate to use spirit ashes or summon Redmane Freyja, a new NPC you meet at the Three-Cross Site of Grace. Learning how to defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion is straightforward.

After defeating the boss, you’ll receive the Divine Beast Head. Return to Hornsent Grandam and wear this headgear before talking to her again.

This will advance the questline, where she will ask you to defeat Mesmer. She will also give you a magic spell called Watchful Spirit.

Defeating Messmer the Impaler

The second half of the questline requires you to reach the late game and fight Mesmer the Impaler. You can find Mesmer in Shadowkeep, Storehouse Specimen, and he’s quite a challenging opponent.

Given his significant role in the DLC’s promotion, it’s understandable that he poses a tough fight. However, learning how to defeat Mesmer in Elden Ring is manageable. Once you defeat Mesmer, you will have progressed the questline into the second half of the game.

Rewards from the Elden Ring Hornsent Grandam Quest

Return to Hornsent Grandam’s room at Belurat Tower and talk to her. She will thank you for defeating Mesmer and reward you with Gourmet Scorpion Stew, a consumable item that gradually replenishes HP while boosting your physical damage negation.

That’s how you complete the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Hornsent Grandam quest. I hope this guide helps you finish the questline and provides the assistance you need.

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