Starfield to Officially Include DLSS Support Next Week

It’s not surprising that upscaling technologies have become essential for PC gaming. Therefore, when Starfield initially skipped NVIDIA DLSS and offered only AMD FSR support, it raised some eyebrows. While the omission of these features can be frustrating for gamers, recent developments have seen improvements in NVIDIA’s upscaling technology. Bethesda’s space RPG is now set to introduce DLSS support next week.

Starfield to Receive DLSS and Ray Reconstruction Support

Bethesda shared the news of the DLSS update through Starfield’s official Twitter account, revealing their intentions to introduce DLSS and frame generation improvements. Typically, most updates are released in the live build of the game. However, in this instance, the developer is choosing to implement it in the beta branch of Starfield. Beta branches are in-development live versions of the game where developers release new updates to test and gather feedback from the player base. Once the update is deemed flawless and ready, it is made available to everyone.

In addition to adding support for NVIDIA DLSS and frame generation, the beta update will also include long-awaited HDR controls in Starfield. In addition, the update will bring the usual optimizations and improvements. This marks the first major update for the game, aside from the smaller bug fixes that have been issued for both Xbox and PC.

Bethesda has not provided specific details on how to join the beta branch to test the DLSS update for Starfield. However, in many cases, opting into a game’s beta branch on Steam can be done by right-clicking on the game, going to properties, and selecting the beta option in the pop-up. It’s worth noting that this patch will be exclusively available for Steam users, so Xbox and Game Pass users will have to wait for the official patch.

It’s important to note that mod support is a factor to consider. While there are already various mods for Starfield, some even integrating DLSS support, it’s common for mods to become incompatible when a new patch is released. If you intend to try the beta update for Starfield, we recommend removing your mods, creating backups of your game files, and then testing each mod individually to ensure they work smoothly with the new update. Are you eagerly anticipating the upcoming Starfield update? Please share your comments and opinions with us in the section below.

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