New Mod Allows AMD FSR 3 Frame Generation in All DLSS 3 Games!

AMD FSR 3, the latest iteration of FidelityFX, represents the company’s advanced AI-driven upscaling and frame generation tech. Notably, FSR 3 boasts compatibility with modern graphics cards from any brand, be it Nvidia, AMD, or Intel. Presently, some games have already adopted FSR 3, such as Immortals of Aveum, Avatars: Frontiers of Pandora, and Forspoken.

However, several games exclusively support NVIDIA’s DLSS 3, such as Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and others. DLSS 3 stands as Team Green’s proprietary AI frame generation technology, currently confined solely to RTX 40 Series graphics cards.

Just to bring you up to speed on frame generation (FG), it essentially doubles your in-game FPS. For instance, gameplay running at 50-60FPS can jump to 100+FPS when FG is activated. AMD’s FSR 3, supporting relatively modern GPUs, hasn’t yet made its way to many major games that have long had DLSS 3 available.

However, a new mod now allows the utilization of AMD FSR 3 in any game supporting NVIDIA DLSS 3! Developed by Nukem9, you can download the mod here. Remember, before trying this mod in a game, ensure that you’ve enabled hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling (HAGS) in your Windows 11 settings.

The greatest aspect is that even users without an RTX 40 Series GPU can experience AI frame generation and its resulting performance advantages via AMD FSR 3 in supported games. You can enable the option, even with an Nvidia GPU, in games that support it.

For those without native support, this latest modification by Nukem9 allows FSR 3 frame generation to function in any game with DLSS 3 support. X (formerly Twitter) user @ShyVortex shared their experience with this modification:

The performance of the mod is currently under evaluation across various games. Initial feedback suggests that it may not match the native functionality. In my personal test AMD FSR 3 with an Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti in Immortals of Aveum, where RTX 30 Series doesn’t support Nvidia DLSS 3, FSR 3 performed reasonably well, doubling the framerate. However, experiences may differ between games. Enabling this third-party mod might lead to issues like ghosting, artifacts, and other visual bugs during gameplay.

AMD is continuously updating FSR 3, expanding game compatibility. Ubisoft’s recent title (Avatar) has integrated it, and developers of Starfield & Cyberpunk 2077 have confirmed upcoming official FSR 3 support. Over time, open-source frame generation technologies like this are expected to evolve further.

What are your impressions on this latest FSR 3 mod for DLSS 3 games? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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