CES 2024: The Samsung Music Frame Speaker Transforms Audio into Aesthetic

Samsung appears to have taken inspiration from the immense success of its Frame TV, introducing the all-new Music Frame speaker at CES 2024. This stylish Bluetooth speaker is designed to enhance home decor and entertainment simultaneously, expanding the offerings of the Frame series.

The Samsung Music Frame speaker, revealed at CES 2024, allows users to display photos or artful pieces within an aesthetic picture frame. Beyond its decorative function, the Music Frame Speaker (Model HW-S60D) serves as a wireless Bluetooth speaker, delivering not only visual appeal but also supporting Dolby Atmos audio for an immersive audio experience.

The Samsung Music Frame speaker is driven by Samsung’s SpaceFit technology, strategically optimizing audio quality to deliver a broad spectrum of sound. This innovative technology supports custom-tuned optimization based on the specific characteristics of the room in which the speaker is positioned. The speaker is equipped with two woofers, two tweeters, and two mid-range drivers to ensure a rich audio experience.

While boasting impressive audio capabilities, the primary focus remains on the product’s aesthetics. Designed to seamlessly blend into its environment, the Music Frame speaker essentially acts as an invisible speaker, doubling as a decorative showpiece. Once launched, the new Music Frame speaker will offer complete customization options for users.

The Samsung Music Frame Speaker (Model HW-S60D) offers seamless compatibility with the company’s TV speakers. Enabled by Samsung’s Q-Symphony technology, this feature synchronizes the television speakers with any compatible additional audio output device, creating a home-theater-like experience.

Utilizing Q-Symphony with a Music Frame Speaker, paired with a Samsung TV and soundbar, enhances bass and provides a superior surround sound experience. The speaker can establish a connection either through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, offering flexibility in connectivity options.

Samsung Music Frame Speaker: Pricing & Availability

Samsung introduced the Music Frame Speaker at CES 2024, but details regarding its price and availability have not been officially confirmed by the company. There is anticipation that the Music Frame Speaker will be launched later this year.

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