The latest Windows 11 Build enables users to use HDR images as their desktop backgrounds.

Microsoft has once again brought a bundle of new treats to its Insider users. Following recent substantial updates to its Developer Build and noteworthy enhancements to the Canary Build, Microsoft is back, this time exclusively for its Canary Channel users. Let’s dive into the details.

Meet Windows 11 Canary Channel Build 25926

The spotlight is on the fresh Canary Channel Build 25926, and one of the headlining features allows you to set HDR images as your desktop background. This nifty option works specifically with images carrying the “.JXR” extension. If you’re equipped with an HDR-compatible display, your background will showcase the image in full HDR glory. To check if this feature is at your disposal, grab a “.JXR” HDR image, confirm your display’s HDR capability, and set the downloaded image as your desktop backdrop.

Noticeable improvements also grace notifications, sporting a bell icon that springs to life with color whenever a new one pops up. Windows 11 elevates its Screen Cast feature with three fresh updates. If you’re a tab-switching enthusiast or a Snap Assist enthusiast, Cast suggestions will now glide in via a notification toast. The goal here is to enhance your productivity and make your Windows 11 experience even smoother.

Moreover, this Windows 11 Canary Build has your back if you’re looking to expand your display setup with an external screen and cast your primary screen. The Cast flyout in the Quick Settings menu serves up a step-by-step guide on installing the wireless display feature and discovering your PC via the “Projecting to this PC” Settings page.

While we’re at it, the Canary Channel build carries forward all the goodness from the Developer Channel Build 23511 introduced a few weeks ago. It gives the Windows Share window a design revamp to seamlessly blend with Windows 11 aesthetics. Now, clicking on the Outlook icon under the Share using option allows you to swiftly email files via Outlook. Wi-Fi Direct gets a nod for faster file sharing between PCs. Plus, the Snipping Tool gains the ability to let you directly edit your snapshot using Paint and Clipchamp via dedicated options.

For a deeper dive into the latest features, the official Windows Insider blog has got you covered. If you’re cruising on the Canary Channel for Windows 11, ensure your PC is up to date to indulge in these fresh offerings. Don’t miss the opportunity to share your thoughts and insights in the comment section below.

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