Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 1002H CPU Geekbench Benchmarks Leaked

Intel’s forthcoming 14th Gen Meteor Lake processor has been the subject of numerous leaks, and Intel itself has presented a Meteor Lake CPU featuring on-die DDR5 memory, a design implementation similar to Apple’s M2 chip. Additionally, it is known that artificial intelligence (AI) will be a prominent feature in Meteor Lake CPUs. As we approach the eagerly anticipated Intel Innovation 2023 event, benchmark results for the rumored Core Ultra 7 1002H processor have emerged online. Notably, as part of Intel’s rebranding efforts, the familiar ‘i’ nomenclature has been removed, a change that is becoming evident even in early CPU leaks.

Intel’s 14th-Gen Core Ultra 7 1002H Benchmark Leak

Another Intel Meteor Lake chip has made its way into the Geekbench Database, with the Core Ultra 1002H CPU undergoing testing in Geekbench v6. BenchLeaks, a Twitter user who now goes by the name “X,” shared this listing. Notably, the performance details of Intel’s upcoming Core i9 14900K were also recently disclosed.

The Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H processor, as revealed in the Geekbench benchmark leak, boasts 16 cores and 22 threads. The leak specifies a base frequency of 3.4 GHz and a maximum frequency of 4.98 GHz.

In essence, this CPU will belong to the Core i7 class, as indicated by the ‘7‘ in its model name. Being part of the ‘Ultra‘ and ‘H‘ series of Intel processors, it is poised to serve as a high-performance chip for laptops.

The initial Geekbench 6 scores for the upcoming Meteor Lake CPU, the Core Ultra 7 1002H, suggest a modest performance improvement for Intel’s 14th-Gen processors. It’s essential to remember that these leaked scores are very preliminary and do not provide a definitive picture of the Core Ultra 7 1002H’s final performance. To gain some perspective, let’s compare these leaked scores to its presumed predecessor, the Intel Core i7 13700H. It’s worth noting that specific i7-13700H laptops may outperform the scores mentioned here.

Scores of i7-13700H sourced from MSI Pulse 15 benchmarked on Geekbench 6

As mentioned earlier, we shouldn’t draw firm conclusions about the performance gap between the upcoming Core Ultra 7 and its predecessor at this stage. Intel has not yet disclosed specific details, including CPU model numbers, regarding Meteor Lake. It’s possible that the chip in question is still in the early prototype stage.

Furthermore, the Geekbench leak reveals only 12GB of RAM, which is somewhat unusual. With Intel’s 2023 Innovation event scheduled for September 19, we can anticipate a clearer picture to emerge soon. For a more comprehensive understanding of Intel’s 14th Gen Meteor Lake processors, you can refer to our detailed coverage on the subject.

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