Intel 14th Gen Desktop CPUs May See 15% Price Hike; Suggest New Leak

A recent leak has shed light on the potential pricing of the upcoming Intel 14th Gen desktop CPUs. If you’re curious about the specs, benchmarks, and the anticipated launch date of Intel’s 14th-Gen Meteor Lake CPUs, we’ve got you covered in our dedicated article. In this discussion, let’s dive into the fresh leak that offers insights into the rumored pricing of the speculated ‘Raptor Lake S Refresh‘ Intel 14th Gen desktop CPUs.

Leak Reveals Projected Price Hike for 14th Gen CPUs

The leaked information hints at the potential pricing for Intel’s forthcoming 14th Gen desktop CPU lineup. Notably, these rumored prices stand notably higher in comparison to the launch prices of the Intel 12th-Gen Alder Lake and Intel 13th-Gen Raptor Lake CPUs. Specifically, the leak suggests a price increase ranging between approximately 15-20% when compared to the preceding generation processors.

For a clearer understanding, let’s take a glance at the pricing comparison between the 14th-Gen CPUs and select desktop CPUs from Intel’s 13th-Gen Raptor Lake lineup:

The table reflects launch prices at the time of CPU release, which may slightly vary from the leaked information considering slight price adjustments for the prior-gen Raptor Lake CPUs.

The leak also offers insight into the pricing for the KF variants, which are devoid of integrated GPUs and necessitate dedicated graphics. This data underscores that the projected 14th Gen ‘Raptor Lake S Refresh’ desktop CPU lineup could potentially be the costliest within the LGA 1700 platform.

Intriguingly, the term ‘Raptor Lake S Refresh‘ finds its origins in a previous Intel 14th Gen leak originating from MSI’s confidential presentation, under NDA. While Intel has not officially confirmed this nomenclature, its alignment with other leaks adds credibility.

As the leaks and rumors gain traction, it’s important to await official confirmation from Intel. Nonetheless, the anticipated pricing shift adds a layer of anticipation and speculation to the impending release. Are you intrigued by the leaked pricing for Intel’s 14th Gen Desktop CPU lineup? Are you considering upgrading to these next-generation processors? Feel free to express your opinions in the comments area down below.

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