Hammer Unveils Affordable Robust and Glide Smartwatches

Indian wearable brand Hammer has made its mark by introducing two new smartwatches, namely the Glide and the Robust, to the market. Offering an enticing combination of features and affordability, both watches come in at under Rs 3,000. Boasting an AMOLED display, a blood pressure sensor, and an array of other functionalities, these wearables cater to a diverse range of user needs. Let’s dive into the details of these exciting additions to the smartwatch arena.

Hammer Robust: Features at a Glance

The Robust smartwatch boasts a robust metal build and showcases a 1.96-inch square AMOLED display. With a refresh rate of 60Hz, brightness levels of up to 800 nits, Always-On Display (AOD) functionality, and a Raise-to-Wake feature, the visual experience is nothing short of impressive. Users can enjoy the flexibility of choosing from multiple watch faces and even enhance security with password protection.

Functionalities go beyond just timekeeping, as the Robust enables Bluetooth Calling. During calls, users can easily adjust the volume and seamlessly switch between ringing and vibration modes. The watch offers comprehensive health monitoring, featuring sensors for heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2, sleep tracking, and even a period tracker. With 100+ sports modes, including 8 built-in modes, fitness enthusiasts can track their various activities effectively.

Additional features of the Hammer Robust include a Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, versatile menu options, a Business Card collection feature, a flashlight, AI voice assistance, and more. The watch can maintain a battery life of up to 5 days on a single charge and boasts an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance.

Hammer Glide: Elevating Wearable Technology

The Glide smartwatch stands out with its circular 1.43-inch AMOLED display. Similar to its counterpart, it offers impressive brightness levels of up to 800 nits, AOD, and a 60Hz refresh rate. Users can enjoy a myriad of watch face options, including two AOD customizations in Analog and Digital styles.

Just like the Robust, the Hammer Glide supports Bluetooth Calling, bringing seamless connectivity to users’ fingertips. Health features remain consistent, encompassing heart rate monitoring, blood pressure tracking, SpO2 measurement, sleep tracking, and 100+ sports modes. The watch even supports breath training, catering to users’ holistic well-being.

The Glide’s battery life is noteworthy, with the ability to last up to two days with Bluetooth Calling enabled and up to 5 days in normal usage mode. Its feature set includes voice assistance, real-time weather updates, the convenient DND mode, camera and music controls, and more. Sporting an IP67 rating, the Glide ensures durability against water and dust.

Accessible Pricing and Availability

Both the Hammer Robust and the Glide smartwatches are priced at an introductory rate of Rs 2,699 (original price Rs 2,999). These wearables are readily available for purchase through Amazon and the company’s official website. Offering compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, they are accompanied by the FitCloudPro app, providing a seamless companion experience.

With the introduction of these feature-rich yet budget-friendly smartwatches, Hammer continues to make strides in delivering accessible technology to a wide spectrum of users.

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