CES 2024: Rabbit R1 is An AI Assistant in Walkie-Talkie Form That Listens

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, the spotlight has shifted to a groundbreaking startup named Rabit, unveiling their latest innovation, the Rabbit R1. This distinctive portable AI assistant, showcased at CES 2024, takes on the appearance and functionality of a walkie-talkie but expands its capabilities far beyond.

Dressed in an eye-catching bespoke orange design, the Rabbit R1 boasts an array of features, including a camera, control wheel, 2.88-inch touchscreen, speaker, microphones, and a whimsical floating rabbit head serving as the interface. The collaborative effort with Teenage Engineering in the device’s design adds an extra layer of appeal.

Powering the Rabbit R1 is the Rabbit OS, a sophisticated software that employs a “natural language interface” coupled with advanced far-field microphone technology. According to Rabbit, their OS outshines traditional language models, promising an impressive response time of ‘500 ms‘ to user queries. This innovative device represents a significant leap forward in the realm of AI assistants.

Rabbit R1: Features

During a carefully orchestrated demonstration presented by Rabbit for its innovative R1 AI assistant, the device showcased an array of impressive features. The R1 demonstrated its capability to execute diverse tasks, ranging from booking an Uber ride to inspecting the contents of your refrigerator, offering suggestions, and even responding to miscellaneous trivia.

Rabbit’s overarching goal is to ‘create the simplest computer,’ positioning the new R1 as a minimalist companion designed to support daily activities without succumbing to the distracting nature of contemporary smartphones. Unlike the conventional rectangular devices vying for attention, Rabbit’s AI assistant aims for a subtler presence. In terms of connectivity, the device is equipped with a USB-C port and a SIM card slot.

Highlighted earlier, the Rabbit R1’s standout feature lies in its Large Action Model (LAM), a sophisticated artificial intelligence designed to adeptly traverse existing user interfaces (UI) across various applications. This versatile AI can not only navigate these interfaces but can also be trained for diverse tasks. In a demonstration by the founder, the R1 showcased its prowess by seamlessly navigating Discord, accessing specific servers like Midjourney’s, and even generating images within the app.

Additionally, the R1’s capabilities extend to leveraging its 360° camera, offering a glimpse into the myriad actions it can perform by analyzing its surroundings. The camera’s design is intuitively crafted to retract into its shell when not in use, enhancing privacy. While the Rabbit R1 is advertised to possess an “all-daybattery, specific details regarding the duration remain undisclosed.

Rabbit R1 AI Assistant: Pricing & Availability

The Rabbit R1 comes with a price tag of $199, a notable aspect being the absence of any associated subscription costs. Interested consumers can currently pre-order this new AI assistant directly from the official website.

In a comparative context, Humane’s AI pin presents a screen-less alternative to smartphones with a distinctive design, projecting a screen onto the user’s hand. However, this alternative comes at a steeper cost of $699, more than triple the price of Rabbit’s new AI assistant unveiled at CES 2024.

The affordability of the Rabbit R1 certainly makes it an intriguing option in the AI assistant market. Whether users would consider replacing their smartphones with the R1, given its attractive price point, is a subjective matter. Let us know in the comments below.

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