ASUS Laptops Spotted with Intel Core Non-Ultra Processors

Intel recently introduced the Meteor Lake architecture, accompanying a rebranding that shifts the official processor naming scheme to either ‘Intel Core‘ or ‘Intel Core Ultra‘. While detailed information about Core Ultra processors has been disclosed, the non-Ultra variants of ‘Intel Core’ processors have received less attention.

A recent leak provides insight into upcoming Intel Core processors, spanning from Intel Core 3 to Intel Core 7, with various specifications. This information was discovered on the ASUS website, particularly on the upcoming Vivobook 14 lineup.

A Twitter user, @momomo_us (formerly Twitter), has identified new Intel Core (Non-Ultra) processors in the upcoming Expertbook B5 series. The leaked CPUs, along with their respective specifications, are outlined below. These new processors are set to follow the previous Core i3 and i7 chips, with the ‘i’ designation being dropped.

It’s worth noting that the links to the Asus website containing information on these new Intel processors are currently accessible, but they may be taken down in the future as these non-Ultra Intel Core processors are not yet present in Intel’s official database.

It seems that the Intel Core 7 150U and Core 5 120U share the same core configuration with 10 cores and 12 threads. The entry-level Intel Core 3 100U is indicated to have 6 cores and 8 threads.

Unlike the Core Ultra processors featuring Intel Meteor Lake ‘Arc‘ graphics, these Non-Ultra Intel Core processors are expected to come with standard Intel HD graphics as the integrated GPU.

The power consumption of these processors remains unknown, given that they belong to Intel’s U-Series chips. Speculatively, these CPUs are expected to operate within the range of 9W to 30W, with configurability by the manufacturers.

Upon their official release in new mid-range and entry-level laptops, these processors are anticipated to enhance user experience with improved battery life and performance. More details about their internal architecture will be revealed when Intel officially launches them. While Intel has rebranded these processors to align with the new naming scheme, rumors suggest that these non-Ultra processors may not feature a new architecture.

What are your impressions of the upcoming Intel Core ‘Non-Ultra‘ processors? Let us know in the comments below.

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