How to Utilize The Reserve Loadout in The Finals

Similar to other first-person shooters, The Finals offers the ability to hold extra weapons and gadgets in reserve. However, unlike games such as Call of Duty that allow multiple loadouts, The Finals adopts a different approach that might initially perplex players. Not to worry! We’ve detailed how the reserve loadout system functions, how to configure it, and provided guidance on using the reserve loadout during a match in The Finals.

Understanding Reserve Loadout in The Finals

Similar to standard FPS games, The Finals’ reserve loadout functions as an additional set of weapons and gear that can be swapped with your active loadout mid-match. While it operates akin to loadout systems in other shooters, Embark’s development team has added a unique twist to this concept.

In The Finals, preparation for the reserve loadout occurs before the match, allowing selection of two distinct weapons or equipment sets. One set becomes your active loadout during the match, while the other serves as your reserve.

Importantly, you can only switch to your reserve loadout when eliminated during a match, enabling on-the-fly changes to gear and weapons.

Changing and Using Reserve Weapons

Now that you’ve grasped the fundamentals of the reserve loadout, let’s delve into the step-by-step process to change and utilize it within the game:

1. Editing Your Reserve Loadout in The Finals

Initially, we’ll edit our reserve loadout within the game interface. This step grants us the ability to select and switch to the preferred weapons we intend to carry into the match. Failure to customize this loadout will result in it defaulting to the previously used loadout.

  • Navigate to the main menu and select the “Contestants” option located on the right-hand side.

Within the Contestants screen, you’ll notice three classes displayed on the right-hand side. Initially, only the light build remains unlocked upon starting the game for the first time. To unlock both the medium and heavy classes, you’ll need to participate in and complete two matches.

  • Choose your preferred class and either click on “Edit” or locate the edit button situated below your selected class. Performing this action will prompt the Customization menu to appear.

  • Within the customization screen, the loadout on the left represents your active loadout, while the loadout on the right stands as your reserve loadout.

  • To modify the reserve loadout, select a weapon or equipment item. This action will prompt a list of available options, allowing you to swap it with your desired weapon or equipment.

You’ve now effectively adjusted your reserve loadout in The Finals. Moving forward, using your reserve weapons and equipment during gameplay will be a straightforward process. In the next section, we’ll explore precisely how to execute this action seamlessly.

2. Switching Weapons Using Reserve Loadout

Now that we’ve mastered the process of modifying our reserve loadout, let’s explore how to utilize it during gameplay in The Finals. Keep in mind, you can switch your loadout only when you’re eliminated in a match. Additionally, there’s an opportunity to make this change right before the match commences.

  • Upon your character’s elimination in a game, locate the “Change Loadout” option positioned at the bottom-left corner of the screen and click on it to access your loadout menu.

  • Within the menu, select a weapon or equipment item to exchange it with the corresponding item in your reserve loadout.

Well done! You’ve effectively swapped and transitioned to your reserve loadout weapons and equipment in The Finals. While the system operates uniquely compared to other games, its simplicity, especially regarding attachments, makes it a user-friendly approach. What do you think about this system? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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