Top 6 Weapons in The Finals

The Finals open beta is currently in full swing, offering an intense team-based, destructively chaotic gameplay experience. This first-person shooter has garnered a substantial fanbase thanks to its impressive gameplay. However, as is the case with many free-to-play titles, the game features an array of guns and gear to unlock. Just like in most games, some of these weapons outshine the others. In The Finals, the weapon pool is divided across three classes, adding an extra layer of complexity to your decision-making process.

No need to fret, as we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 weapons currently available in The Finals game. For each weapon, we’ve discussed its damage, usability, and overall handling. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and prepare to take down the Ultra Rares!

1. Flamethrower (Heavy)

Class: Heavy
Clip Size: 30
Reload Time: 3.5 seconds

When playing as the heavy class, your strategy often involves charging headlong into your opponents. In these situations, you need a weapon that can deliver massive damage in short bursts over a wide area. While the Sledgehammer does the job well, it might look uninspiring. Fortunately, you have the option to unlock one of the heavy class’s best weapons.

The Flamethrower is a high-damage weapon with superior range and damage output compared to the Sledgehammer. Simply press the fire button and advance toward your enemy. The wide fire spread increases the likelihood of burning multiple opponents to death. There’s no effective counter to this weapon aside from dodging, which can be challenging, and flanking.

In one memorable instance, I armed myself with this weapon and stormed into a building with four opponents. I unleashed so much area-of-effect damage that at least two of them perished due to the confined space. Therefore, if you enjoy playing as a heavy class character, unlocking the Flamethrower is a wise choice.

2. SA1216 (Heavy)

Class: Heavy
Clip Size: 16
Reload Time: 3 seconds

Suppose you’re playing as the heavy class and seek a weapon that allows for a somewhat defensive yet also offensive playstyle. In that case, the Flamethrower and Sledgehammer, known for their aggressive nature, won’t be your best choices. In such situations, the semi-automatic SA1216 proves to be your ideal companion. With the SA1216, you can effortlessly clear an entire room of enemies. Thanks to its impressive rate of fire, you can fire bullets in rapid succession compared to most other weapons.

The SA1216 does have limited range, a common characteristic among heavy class weapons. However, it compensates with substantial stopping power per bullet. I managed to achieve a respectable kill count when I needed to support my team by holding off opponents while securing an objective. Although the recoil control felt a bit erratic after firing three or so shots, controlled bursts allowed me to eliminate players rapidly. Given the heavy class’s increased health, wielding this weapon can make you a formidable opponent.

3. FCAR (Medium)

Class: Medium
Clip Size: 20
Reload Time: 2 seconds

Medium class characters in The Finals are well-rounded, featuring good health and some of the best weapons available. The FCAR assault rifle is a must-have for medium-class players. While it has slightly lower weapon handling than the AKM, it makes up for it with superior damage per bullet. Personally, I prefer the FCAR over the AKM because of its Holo attachment, rate of fire, and range.

The FCAR is easy to handle when firing in controlled bursts, allowing you to eliminate a light-class player with well-placed shots using only 10 bullets while managing recoil effectively.

Unlike the AKM, the FCAR comes equipped with a holo attachment, enhancing its range for shooting distant targets. The FCAR’s damage output is so impressive that you can nearly eliminate a medium-class player with a single magazine, dealing 70-75% of a heavy-class player’s health in damage. Therefore, if you play as a medium-class character and want a weapon that makes it easy to dispatch enemies, the FCAR is an excellent choice.

4. SR-84 (Light)

Class: Light
Clip Size: 6
Reload Time: 3 seconds

If you’re a fan of snipers in first-person shooters, The Finals has you covered with the light class. The SR-84 is a long-range sniper rifle that excels in long-distance engagements. It’s capable of taking down a light-class player with a single headshot, and it deals substantial damage to medium and heavy-class players, removing a significant portion of their health with a well-placed shot.

The SR-84 stands out due to its hitscan behavior, impressive bullet velocity, and the ability to consistently hit opponents when aimed skillfully. However, since it’s a bolt-action sniper rifle, missing a shot results in a few seconds of reload animation, leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks. If you have the skills to snipe and enjoy taking down opponents from a distance, the SR-84 is an excellent choice for the light class.

5. R .375 (Medium)

Class: Medium
Clip Size: 6
Reload Time: 2.15 seconds

The R.375, a six-bullet revolver available by default for the medium class in The Finals, is one of my two favorite weapons in the game. This revolver boasts incredible stopping power, making it a versatile and effective weapon for quickly dispatching enemies. Landing a well-placed headshot with the R.375 can deplete at least 70-80% of an opponent’s health, depending on their class.

I recall a thrilling encounter in which I defeated a medium-class enemy with just three headshots from the R.375, triumphing over their AK assault rifle. In another intense firefight, unloading an entire drum of R.375 rounds into a heavy-class opponent brought them perilously close to defeat. Notably, this handgun offers a commendable attack range compared to other handguns in the game. If you prefer using firearms that can inflict significant damage with precisely aimed shots, the R.375 is an excellent choice.

6. V9S (Light)

Class: Light
Clip Size: 24
Reload Speed: 1.3 seconds

The V9S is unquestionably one of the most overpowered weapons in The Finals at the moment. It’s also one of my personal favorites in the light class, and for good reason. The V9S is a versatile weapon that excels in various scenarios. In close quarters, it functions like a sub-machine gun, allowing you to take down opponents with ease. At longer ranges, precise shots can eliminate adversaries efficiently. While a well-placed headshot only inflicts around 30% damage, the fast rate of fire means consecutive shots can rapidly deplete an opponent’s health.

Pairing the V9S with the evasion skill can transform you into one of the most aggravating players in the game, as I discovered during my playthrough. With this setup, I achieved a string of kills while maneuvering swiftly.

Whether facing off against heavy, medium, or fellow light-class opponents, the V9S made eliminating them feel like child’s play. Thanks to its manageable recoil, missing shots near the neck area doesn’t lead to frustration. The V9S enables you to effortlessly counter nearly any weapon in the game, with negligible movement accuracy penalties. If you’re playing a light class, the V9S is a must-try and unlock.

These are our top weapon picks for The Finals during the open beta. Which weapons are you currently using, and which one is your favorite? Is there a gun you believe should be added to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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