This Starfield XP Farm Lets You Reach Level 100 in Just 5 Hours

Earning XP efficiently can be a challenge in Starfield, especially if you’re looking to level up quickly. While the game encourages exploration and completing missions at your own pace, some players may want to expedite the leveling process. A YouTuber has discovered an effective XP farming method in Starfield that allows you to gain approximately 20 levels per hour. Here’s how it works.

YouTuber Discovers XP Farming Method in Starfield

Starfield, the highly anticipated spacefaring RPG, offers players the opportunity to not only explore the cosmos but also establish and develop settlements on newfound planets within the solar system. This base-building mechanic resembles that of Fallout 4, albeit with enhancements. Additionally, it presents an avenue for generating a steady income. Notably, a resourceful method to farm XP points in Starfield has been uncovered.

YouTuber Maka91Productions recently unveiled this XP farming technique in a video. He asserts that following this method can enable players to swiftly attain a “high XP level” within a matter of hours. It is important to note that this process is best suited for players with sufficient skill points invested in the Science skill tree and who have acquired the “Outpost Engineering” skill. To access this skill, players must unlock previous tiers of skills in the Science tree. Subsequently, they should research Power Generation and Resource Extractors at a research lab.

Moreover, players will require a spacecraft with a cargo capacity ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 units to execute this farming method. Specific resources are also necessary:

  • 18 Adaptive Frames
  • 124 Aluminum
  • 24 Beryllium
  • 30 Copper
  • 2 Fiber
  • 99 Iron
  • 24 Tungsten

Once the requisite resources are gathered, Maka91 selects the Moon of Somati, known as Andraphon, as the site for his base. He suggests landing near a location where iron and aluminum resources are plentiful. Following the preparation phase, players should construct up to six extractors for aluminum and iron, along with ten solar arrays to power these extractors. Additionally, three storage containers should be associated with each extractor. Players must connect the six extractors to the first storage container, link the first storage container to the second, and finally, connect the second to the third.

The next steps involve crafting an industrial bench and a bed within the base. This unique setup capitalizes on the fact that time elapses six times faster on the Moon of Somati compared to other celestial bodies. Consequently, production rates for iron and aluminum are significantly accelerated within a 24-hour timeframe. The key to XP farming lies in the creation of adaptive frames on the industrial bench. These frames require aluminum and iron resources, and their production yields substantial XP gains. Maka91 indicates that players can accrue 20,000 XP for every hour spent employing this method. Although it may seem somewhat labor-intensive, investing five hours can substantially expedite XP accumulation in Starfield.

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