The Finals Patch 1.4.0 Introduces Many Meaningful Balance and QoL Changes

The first update for the first-person online shooter, The Finals, has arrived with the 1.4.0 patch. This update introduces a plethora of Quality of Life (QoL) enhancements and balance adjustments. Notably, there’s a substantial array of updates for gadgets, weapons, and specializations that promise to significantly impact the gameplay experience.

Embark Studios revealed the arrival of the 1.4.0 patch via its Steam news page and the official account of The Finals X (formerly Twitter). Players who have been actively engaged with the game will find these new changes quite satisfying.

In the latest update, significant alterations have been made to the functionality of explosives. For instance, the C4 radius has been trimmed down from 2.4m to 1.6m, accompanied by a reduction in damage from 240 to 210. Additionally, the damage multiplier has been decreased from 1.3 to 1. These modifications aim to promote a more thoughtful approach when employing C4, preventing easy takedowns of medium targets.

Similarly, mines have undergone adjustments, with their player damage being lowered from 160 to 140. This alteration gives light class players a better chance at surviving a mine explosion and potentially evading an otherwise inevitable demise, especially when utilizing the invisibility perk.

The adjustments involve a balance between the reduction in damage and an increase in radius from 3.5m to 4m, coupled with a longer 1.6-second arming duration for mines. This alteration encourages teams to strategize and discourages impulsive mine deployment. Additionally, the heavy-class RPG now boasts reduced damage, a smaller damage radius, and increased dispersion. The dome shield, a feature for heavy players, has also seen a reduction in health from 350 to 300 HP.

A significant change arrives with the seasonal makeover of the Monaco map, blanketed in snow for the holiday season from December 20 to January 3, 2024. Weapon adjustments are also part of this update, with modifications to the AKM’s recoil pattern, an increased fire rate for the flamethrower, and a damage increase from 45 to 47 for the LH1.

Other quality-of-life improvements include a feature where the player health bar adopts squad colors when enabled. Additionally, this update introduces subtle enhancements to the social screen and incorporates a new UI warning to notify players at risk of being kicked for being AFK. With a plethora of changes, it’s recommended to visit the official Steam news page (or their X account) for the full patch notes.

While these adjustments are expected to significantly impact gameplay, a comprehensive assessment will require spending time in-game. What are your thoughts on these updates? Share with us in the comments below.

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