Starfield Magstorm vs Magshear: Choosing the Right One

Engaging combat experiences are enhanced by well-designed and distinctive weapons, especially within Bethesda’s futuristic universe of Starfield. Throughout the game, players encounter two standout firearms: the Magstorm and the Magshear. Once acquired, both guns showcase exceptional weapon handling and impressive damage output. However, choosing between the two might pose a challenge as each gun offers unique advantages. In this article, we delve into the statistics of both the Magstorm and the Magshear to determine which weapon reigns supreme.

Starfield Magstorm Features

In the depths of the planet Neon, within Kore Kinetics, lies the opportunity to acquire one of the most formidable heavy weapons available in Starfield – the Magstorm. Accessible to those with sufficiently elevated levels, this weapon holds immense power to unleash havoc upon adversaries.

Renowned for its elevated base damage and rapid fire rate, the Magstorm stands as a formidable force within Starfield’s arsenal. Its capabilities are particularly effective against adversaries with sturdy armor, a prevalent challenge encountered in the game’s late stages.

The Magstorm remains a highly coveted weapon within the game due to its exceptional blend of range, accuracy, and damage output. Notably, its instantaneous firing capability sets it apart from other firearms, allowing players to swiftly engage and obliterate enemies without any start-up delay.

However, the Magstorm does exhibit limitations in terms of mod upgradability. Players can only modify its magazines and internals, which, compared to other firearms, might feel somewhat restricted. Additionally, the increased weight of the Magstorm could pose subjective challenges, particularly for players dealing with stringent weight limits. Here are the specifications of the Magstorm:

Starfield Magshear Features

In various shops scattered across the world of Starfield – Neon Tactical, Best Defense, and Centaurian Arsenal, a formidable rival to the Magstorm awaits: the Magshear.

This high-tier firearm stands as one of the superior ballistic weapons available in the game. Whether it’s its balanced rate of fire or its impressive damage output, the Magshear consistently proves itself effective in getting the job done.

Another standout feature of the Magshear in Starfield is its weight efficiency. Despite its potent capabilities, the Magshear maintains a manageable weight limit, allowing even those with moderate carrying capacities to wield it during intergalactic missions and effectively dismantle adversaries.

Furthermore, the Magshear offers extensive customization options, enabling modifications to nearly every component, from internals to magazines, barrels, lasers, and muzzles. This flexibility grants players the opportunity to tailor the gun according to their preferences, a feature notably absent in the Magstorm.

Despite its overall versatility, the Magshear does have one notable drawback, its reload time. In intense combat scenarios, the need for frequent reloading can be a source of frustration. Nonetheless, the Magshear stands as a well-rounded weapon offering a range of capabilities. Here are the specifications of the Magstorm:

Magstorm vs Magshear: Choosing the Right Option

As we reach the final decision between the Magstorm and the Magshear, I believe the Magshear takes the lead for two significant reasons. Firstly, its superior damage per bullet and manageable weight make it a better choice over the Magstorm.

Additionally, the Magshear stands out for its extensive modding options, allowing upgrades to most of its parts, thereby enhancing and customizing its capabilities further. These combined factors tip the scales in favor of the Magshear as the preferred choice between the two weapons.

Certainly, both the Magstorm and the Magshear stand as top-tier weapons within the game. Ultimately, the choice between them often comes down to personal preference. We’d love to hear from you, which of these two guns do you prefer using in-game, and what factors influence your choice? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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