Explore the Best Light Builds in The Finals

Light is one of the swiftest classes in The Finals, allowing you to craft exceptional character builds for surpassing your opponents. Immersed in the addictive world of this game, we’ve curated two builds to optimize your abilities and gadgets as a light-class player. These builds are designed to seamlessly function even when utilized as a reserve loadout in The Finals. Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best builds for the light class in The Finals.

The Fast Initiator Build

Weapon: V9S
Gadget: Vanishing Bomb, Breach Charge, Glitch Grenade
Specialization: Evasive Dash

Introducing our initial light build in The Finals: the Fast Initiator Build. This build empowers you to become a formidable force across the map. Beyond that, it positions you as the key player in most cash-out scenarios. For instance, if your team secures the advantage of moving the vault, this build equips you to swiftly navigate to the cash-out zones.

Likewise, if you aim to intercept a cash-out attempt from another team, this build provides the tools to achieve just that. How? Let’s delve into the details.

Primary Weapon

The cornerstone of this build is the reliable V9S pistol. Our recommendation stems from its outstanding performance as one of the best weapons in The Finals during the beta, and it continues to hold its ground here. The V9S proves to be a formidable weapon, delivering substantial damage to your opponents and reducing them to plastic statues with just a couple of shots.

Moreover, its inclusion in this build is attributed to its commendable recoil control, making it a valuable asset. Unlocking the V9S comes at a cost of 800 VRS.


In terms of gadgets, as previously highlighted, we recommend the following three: Vanishing Bomb, Breach Charge, and Glitch Grenade. The synergy among these gadgets enhances the effectiveness of this build. Vanishing Bomb grants you and your team temporary invisibility, ideal for pushing towards a cashout.

Likewise, the Glitch Grenade disrupts everyone’s gadgets within its radius for a brief duration, putting their gun skills to the test. If you have confidence in your aiming prowess and believe you can outgun anyone, opting for the Glitch Grenade is the way to go.

Lastly, the Breach Charge serves as your C4, allowing you to strategically plant it across the map for explosive impact. This versatile tool enables you to take out walls, floors, and almost every destructible element in the game. Its utility becomes particularly valuable when you aim to alter the position of the cashout box to your advantage.

Both the Vanishing Bomb and the Glitch Grenade come at a cost of 1000 VRS to unlock in The Finals. The Breach Charge, on the other hand, is free of charge and unlocked by default.


Finally, we’ve chosen the Evasive Dash as our specialization for this build. Evasion provides a movement boost through a brief surge of speed, allowing us to navigate the map swiftly. This dash can be used twice before entering cooldown, turning you into a swift and elusive threat. Unlocking the Evasive Dash requires an investment of 800 VRS.

The Invisible Ninja Build

Weapon: SH1900
Gadget: Stun Gun, Pyro Grenade, Breach Charge
Specialization: Cloaking

Imagine this scenario: a full team aggressively pushing towards your cashout, anticipating to steal your victory. Little do they know that you are cloaked and strategically positioned in a corner with a shotgun. A few precisely aimed shots, and they are swiftly eliminated.

Welcome to our Invisible Ninja build, where the objective is to be a stealthy troublemaker against your opponents. This build leverages a powerful weapon and the invisible specialization to become a formidable threat. Let’s delve into each component of this build.

Primary Weapon

In this build, our weapon of choice is the SH1900 shotgun. While its range may limit its effectiveness at a distance, it proves to be a lethal weapon in close quarters combat. Considering our preferred range for this build is close quarters, catching enemies off guard, the SH1900 is the ideal choice.

For those seeking the complete ninja experience, consider replacing the SH1900 shotgun with the katana or the throwable knife. Unlocking the SH1900 shotgun requires an investment of 800 VRS.


We’ve chosen three straightforward gadgets to complement the weaponry in this build: the Stun Gun, Pyro Grenade, and Breach Charge. The Stun Gun incapacitates an enemy for a limited time, providing you with an opportunity to eliminate them easily within that timeframe. Leveraging invisibility and catching enemies off-guard with the stun gun aligns perfectly with the game plan for this build.

In situations where an opposing team aggressively pushes through your team’s defense for a cashout, the Pyro Grenade becomes invaluable for incinerating them. Additionally, placing the Breach Charge serves as an extra gadget to assist your team in demolishing structures or altering the cashout’s position when under threat of theft. Your reliance will be more on the stun gun and shotgun to support your team.

The stun gun comes at a cost of 1000 VRS, while the remaining gadgets are unlocked by default.


Finally, for the specialization, we opt for cloaking. This is the crux of the build, allowing you to become invisible and maneuver around enemies effortlessly.

When stationary, you are completely invisible, and even when on the move, you remain challenging to notice. This build heavily relies on this specialization, which is currently considered overpowered. Take advantage of it before potential adjustments from the developers. Unlocking the cloaking specialization requires an investment of 800 VRS.

These are the two light builds in The Finals that you can experiment with to inject excitement into your gameplay. Each of these builds offers a distinct gaming experience, creating an overall enjoyable chaos. Have you given them a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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