WhatsApp Introduces Discord-like Voice Chats for Group Calling

WhatsApp, known for its regular updates and feature enhancements, is once again revamping its group voice call feature, a widely utilized aspect of the app. Similar to Discord, WhatsApp is introducing a more user-friendly approach for initiating larger group voice calls, alongside another enhancement.

WhatsApp New Group Voice Chat Feature Allowing Calls Without Interruption

WhatsApp’s latest update Channel, introduces a voice chat feature enabling users to engage in real-time conversations within a group chat while continuing to message in the same group. When initiated, this voice chat sends a subtle push notification to other group members, inviting them to join without the typical disruptive ring associated with a voice call. WhatsApp aims to facilitate selective group conversations without inconveniencing the entire group.

Initiate Group Voice Chat in WhatsApp without disturbing others.

The newly introduced voice chat function in WhatsApp operates similarly to the voice chat feature in Discord. Once initiated, other members within the group can observe that a voice chat is ongoing and join the conversation if they wish.

Moreover, these voice calls boast end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only the participants present in the call can hear and engage in the conversation. Conveniently, call controls can be accessed without navigating away from the chat screen. The voice chat session concludes either when all participants exit or if no one joins the conversation within 60 minutes of the last member joining or leaving.

New Voice Chat Feature for Groups in WhatsApp

WhatsApp specifies that voice chats will be accessible for groups ranging from 33 to 128 members and will only be available on a user’s primary device.

WhatsApp Voice Chat Feature Release Date

The upcoming WhatsApp voice chat update is set to roll out on both Android and iOS platforms over the next few weeks. Larger groups will receive priority access to this feature initially, with further expansion to other groups in due course. Users are advised to watch for impending WhatsApp updates that may arrive soon. The new voice chat feature in WhatsApp appears to offer convenience. Do let us know in the comment box below what’s your take on this new feature’s usefulness?

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