WhatsApp Might Soon Enable Users to Customize Theme Colors

WhatsApp has recently undergone significant UI changes across its Android and iOS applications. These changes encompass revamped icons, updated colors, and the introduction of new features such as multi-account support and Channels, marking a substantial overhaul for the messaging platform.

A recent report from WABetaInfo has now emerged, indicating that WhatsApp is in the process of developing a feature that would allow iOS users to customize the app’s theme colors.

WhatsApp to Allow iOS Users to Customize App Colors

Presently, WhatsApp users are limited to switching between light and dark modes for theme customization, without the ability to alter the distinctive green color integral to WhatsApp’s branding.

However, a forthcoming update may change this, as WABetaInfo discloses that WhatsApp is in the process of developing an “app color” feature. This new functionality is designed to provide users with greater control over the app’s appearance. The feature was initially identified in the iOS beta version

As depicted in the screenshot above, users will have the option to choose from five different colors, at least in the current stage of development. The selected color will be applied throughout the app, evident in elements such as the unread messages indicator and the timestamps of received messages. Presently, the app appears to offer five color choices: green, blue, white, pink, and purple.

Moreover, the report suggests that WhatsApp might eventually allow users to customize the bubble color within the chat window. It’s important to note that this feature is still in the development phase and isn’t currently accessible to iOS beta app users.

While there’s currently no information about Android receiving this feature, considering WhatsApp’s history of feature parity support, it’s reasonable to anticipate that the theme change feature will eventually be introduced on Android as well.

The capability to alter the app color provides users with increased control over the chat’s visual aesthetics, enabling a level of customization that was previously limited. Once this feature is rolled out, it is likely to stand out as one of the most significant changes ever introduced by WhatsApp.

Are you eager to personalize your WhatsApp with a color other than green? Share your thoughts on this feature in the comments below.

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