Are Apple Watches Waterproof? Find Out!

Curious about the water resistance of your Apple Watch? Planning to purchase a waterproof Apple Watch for water-based activities? Before making any decisions, it’s essential to understand the basics. In this article, we’ll explore the water resistance of Apple Watches, how to handle a wet Apple Watch, and provide tips to prevent water damage to your smartwatch. Let’s dive right in!

Are Apple Watches Waterproof?

In simple terms, Apple Watches are not waterproof; they are water-resistant. While most Apple Watches can withstand exposure to water without damage, the level of water resistance varies among different models. Therefore, it’s important to know if your Apple Watch is sufficiently water-resistant before using it during activities like swimming, pool parties, or scuba diving. Additionally, be aware that Apple’s one-year warranty does not cover water damage, so a clear understanding of your Apple Watch’s water-resistance ratings is essential.

How Does Apple Determine Dust and Water Resistance Ratings?

IP ratings indicate the level of protection provided by an electrical device. These ratings consist of the term “IP” followed by two digits. The first digit represents protection against solid foreign objects, while the second digit indicates protection against liquids. Apple applies IP ratings for dust resistance, and all Apple Watch models from Series 8 and onwards have an IP6X dust resistance rating (with “X” meaning there is no data available for liquid particle protection).

Instead of using IP water resistance ratings, Apple adopts a standard depth-based rating system for its Apple Watch and iPhone. For instance, Apple Watch Series 2 through Series 8 is rated for water resistance at depths of up to 50 meters.

Apple Watch Models and Their IP Ratings

Note: Water resistance is not a permanent condition, and it may decrease over time.

We have compared all the models based on their sweat and water resistance levels. Let’s take a look.

Apple Watch Models & their water-resistance

Are Apple Watch Bands Waterproof?

Now that you know whether Apple Watches are waterproof or not, you might be wondering about Apple Watch bands. Not all Apple Watch bands offer waterproof or water-resistant properties. Here, we’ll discuss different types of Apple Watch bands and the permissible water activities you can perform while wearing them.

Apple Watch Bands and their Water-Resistance

What Should You Do If Your Apple Watch Gets Wet?

After engaging in activities such as a heavy workout, shower, swimming session, or any other where your Apple Watch might get wet, it’s important to clean and dry it properly. Here’s the proper method:

1. Wipe your Apple Watch and the band with a clean, dry, and lint-free cloth.

2. Make sure your wrist is completely dry before you wear your Apple Watch again.

3. After swimming, remember to rinse your Apple Watch Series 2 or later model under lightly running fresh and warm water. Then, gently wipe the smartwatch and the band with a lint-free cloth.

4. Never use compressed air, heat, or any type of spray to dry your smartwatch.

5. If water happens to get inside the speaker or microphone, allow your Apple Watch to charge overnight to expedite evaporation. Ensure you don’t insert anything into the openings or shake your watch to remove water.

6. In case water enters the air vents of Apple Watch Series 3 or later, the barometric altimeter measurements might be less accurate temporarily. Rest assured, everything will return to normal once the water evaporates.

7. If your Apple Watch doesn’t turn on after experiencing liquid damage, it’s advisable to take it to the nearest Apple service center.

How to Remove Water from Apple Watch

When you go swimming, your Apple Watch automatically activates the Water Lock feature to prevent accidental screen taps. On the Apple Watch Ultra, this feature is triggered when the watch is submerged to a depth of 10 meters or lower.

1. Once you’re finished swimming, simply press and hold the Digital Crown to clear water from your Apple Watch.

2. As you do this, you’ll hear a series of tones as the remaining water is cleared from the speaker.

3. To manually remove water from your Apple Watch, access the Control Center by swiping up from the Watch Face or pressing the Side button (on watchOS 10). Then, tap the Water Lock icon and press and hold the Digital Crown to unlock the screen and clear the water.

Useful Tips to Maintain Apple Watch Water-Resistance

Because water resistance is not a permanent condition, it can deteriorate over time, and there is no way to reseal your Apple Watch for water resistance. To maintain the water resistance of your Apple Watch, follow these guidelines:

1. Avoid harsh drops or impacts that may damage the display.

2. Only expose your smartwatch to fresh water, avoiding contact with substances like soap, detergents, perfumes, hair dyes, and more.

3. Do not wear your Apple Watch for high diving or cliff diving, regardless of the model.

4. For models other than the Apple Watch Ultra, avoid wearing it during high-velocity water activities (e.g., skiing) or in a sauna.

5. Do not take your Apple Watch Ultra into a sauna with a temperature exceeding 55 degrees Celsius (130 degrees Fahrenheit).

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