WWDC 2024: visionOS 2 Unveiled Featuring Improved Spatial Photos and More!

The first major update for Apple Vision Pro has been officially announced. From enhanced spatial photos to SharePlay in personas, ultrawide monitor, train support in travel mode, and more, here’s everything that’s new with visionOS 2!

Apple kicks off the visionOS 2 segment by discussing how the new update brings new ways to “connect with memories, productivity updates, and new immersive experiences.” The update allows you to turn normal photos into spatial photos using advanced machine learning.

While you could already create Spatial Photos on the Vision Pro, Apple seems to be distinguishing between the foreground and background to enhance the immersiveness of such photos. Immersive videos are now also adopting a new 180-degree 8K format.

Furthermore, these immersive videos can now be edited on Final Cut Pro and watched via the new dedicated Vimeo app for the Vision Pro. This move gives Vision Pro users more control over the device, enabling them to create high-quality content rather than just viewing it.

Additionally, SharePlay for Personas is now available in the Photos app, enhancing shared experiences. The Vision Pro travel mode has been updated with a new Train Mode.

One of the most significant features of visionOS 2 is the easy access to the Control Center. Previously, there were no direct gestures for Vision Pro to access it. Now, by flipping your hand, you can bring up the Control Center. Moreover, tapping will take you to your Home Screen effortlessly.

visionOS 2 will introduce the highly anticipated Bora Bora environment to the Vision Pro. It also includes enhancements for the Mac Virtual Display, allowing your Vision Pro to function as an ultrawide monitor for your Mac. Additionally, it will offer increased display resolution and size support for Mac Virtual Display, a significant improvement.

Complementing these updates, visionOS 2 also adds mouse support to the Vision Pro, enabling users to transform it into a comprehensive setup.

On the developer side, Apple has announced that the new OS update will make app development even easier. This involves new Advanced Volumetric APIs introducing dual-app support, enterprise APIs, and TabletopKit for board games.

Apple Vision Pro will be released for purchase in eight additional countries starting June 12. These countries are Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Japan, and Singapore.

That covers the iPadOS 18 updates from the WWDC 2024 event. What are your thoughts on the new iPadOS? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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