What to Anticipate from Apple in 2024, According to Gurman

As the iPhone 15 series has been launched, Apple is wrapping up its product releases for this year. Looking ahead, it’s natural to wonder what to expect from Apple in the coming year. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is known for providing insights into Apple’s future plans, so let’s delve into the details to get a glimpse of what might be on the horizon.

Leaked Details of Apple’s 2024 Product Lineup

Mark Gurman’s insights indicate that Apple has exciting plans for its product lineup in 2024. Notably, it will mark the 10-year anniversary of the Apple Watch, and to celebrate this milestone, the 2024 Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to receive a significant overhaul.

One of the changes could be the introduction of the Apple Watch X, which might come with a new design, similar to how Apple introduced the iPhone X in 2017. The Apple Watch X is anticipated to offer various enhanced features, including a new blood pressure monitor. Additionally, there’s the possibility of an AI-backed health coaching service, although specific details about it are currently limited. It’s important to note that while there are indications that the Apple Watch X might be in the pipeline, there isn’t concrete evidence to confirm its release, and it may potentially arrive in 2025.

In 2024, Apple is likely to make the Vision Pro AR/VR headset available to consumers. This innovative headset was announced at this year’s WWDC event. While it’s expected to be limited in availability, it might not be primarily aimed at generating substantial revenue.

Apple’s plans for 2024 also include the introduction of the M3 chip for Macs. This chip will be the first to be based on the advanced 3nm manufacturing process. Apple recently launched the 3nm A17 Pro chipset with the iPhone 15 Pro models, and the M3 chip’s performance and capabilities for Macs will be of great interest. Additionally, a new iPad Pro is anticipated, featuring a major design overhaul. This iPad Pro could incorporate an OLED display and a new Magic keyboard, bringing notable enhancements to the tablet lineup.

The 2024 iPhone 16 series is expected to bring some notable changes, potentially including an iPhone with a larger display, possibly for the Pro Max and Plus models. However, specific details about these developments are currently limited. Apple’s focus on AI is also becoming more apparent, with plans to potentially launch a ChatGPT competitor known as the alleged Apple GPT.

Since 2024 is still a few months away, it’s important to approach these predictions with caution and await more comprehensive information for a clearer picture of what’s to come. Rest assured, we will keep you updated with any new details that emerge, so stay tuned for further updates!

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