Unreleased Intel 14th Gen i3-14100 Spotted in China: Details

The desktop 14th Gen Intel processor lineup has made its debut, but amidst the swirl of leaks and speculations, a newcomer has emerged: the Intel Core i3-14100. This chip is drawing attention for its basis on the Raptor Lake Refresh architecture.

Intel 14th Gen Core i3-14100: Specifications & Performance

The latest leak surfaced from @haruzake5719, a reliable source known for sharing insights into the PC hardware industry, via X (formerly Twitter). According to the leak, the Intel Core i3-14100 slated for 2023 will be a quad-core processor. It’s reported to feature 4 cores and 8 threads, boasting a base clock speed of 3.50 GHz without support for turbo boosting. This hints at Intel’s intention to position it as an entry-level processor, likely reflecting a price point aligned with its specifications.

Regarding the performance of the Intel Core i3-14100, earlier leaks showcased benchmarks of this non-K series Intel 14th Gen processor. These benchmark results were spotted on Geekbench, aligning with the leaked specifications previously mentioned. The verification of the processor’s specs could be traced back to the findings shared by @Benchleaks on X (formerly Twitter).

The Intel Core i3-14100 achieved a Geekbench 6 Single-Core score of 2509 points and a Multi-Core score of 8881 points. These scores are consistent with what’s expected from a contemporary Core i3 processor, demonstrating a slight performance improvement. It’s worth noting that these test results were obtained using 5600MHz RAM.

Intel 14th Gen Core i3-14100: Availability & Pricing

The Intel Core i3-14100 based on the Raptor Lake Refresh architecture has reportedly appeared for sale in China via the Goofish online listing, as mentioned in earlier leaks. Priced at around $120 (CN¥ 850) at this Chinese retailer, it aligns closely with the pricing of its predecessor, the Intel 13th Gen i3-13100. However, these prices are tentative and subject to change. This processor has been part of the discussions within the complete Intel 14th Gen CPU lineup leak, indicating its presence in the rumors and speculations for quite some time.

Intel’s 14th Gen is built on Raptor Lake ‘Refresh’

Anticipated for an early 2024 release, Intel is expected to unveil additional 14th-gen Raptor Lake Refresh processors for desktops, potentially hitting the market around CES 2024.

If you’re currently using an Intel 12th Gen processor, would you contemplate upgrading to the Intel 14th Gen Core i3-14100, compatible with many motherboards through a BIOS update? Share your thoughts on the i3-14100’s leaked specifications, performance, and pricing showcased above in the comments section.

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