Samsung Officially Launches One UI 6.0 Beta Based on Android 14

After a few rounds of testing and pulling back, Samsung has taken the step to officially announce and release the One UI 6.0 beta program in select regions. This update ushers in some fresh user interface changes and introduces new features. Let’s delve into the specifics.

Rollout of One UI 6.0 Beta Update Begins

Samsung has decided to roll out the One UI 6.0 beta update, built upon Android 14, in Germany, the United States, and Korea. This release is targeted at the Galaxy S23 series, encompassing the S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra models. While the broader availability timeline remains uncertain, it’s expected that regions like India and the UK, among others, will join the list in the upcoming days.

If you find yourself in one of the eligible regions, you can enroll in the One UI 6.0 beta program through the Samsung Members app. Keep an eye out for the dedicated banner within the app, which you can tap on to follow the necessary steps for enrollment. In case you haven’t received the update yet, it’s advised to exercise a bit of patience, as it should be arriving shortly.

One UI 6.0 introduces an overhauled Quick Panel, featuring fresh icons for essential functions such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. By default, a condensed version of the Quick Panel is available, and you can access the complete panel by swiping down twice. This update also brings improvements to notification layout, simplified brightness controls, and more.

Changes extend to the lock screen and home screen as well. There’s a delightful array of new emojis for sharing across apps, along with enhanced previews of pictures and videos when sharing content. The Weather app gets a boost with a new widget displaying comprehensive weather information. Numerous other tweaks can be spotted throughout the interface, including the Camera app’s redesigned elements. Moreover, expect to encounter various Android 14 features as part of the package.

While One UI 6.0 ushers in significant changes, unfortunately, we can’t yet explore and provide you with a hands-on experience. However, with a wider rollout on the horizon, we’re committed to keeping you informed about Samsung’s latest software offering. Stay tuned for more updates as we await the arrival of this exciting new iteration.

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