Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Lineup Featuring Intel Meteor Lake CPU Leaked

The Samsung Galaxy Book series, known for its premium laptops, undergoes yearly updates to integrate the latest tech advancements. The upcoming 2024 lineup has surfaced with intriguing details. Among the highlights, reports indicate that the new Samsung Galaxy Book 4 models will be powered by Intel’s latest Meteor Lake 14th Gen processors.

According to Windows Report, a reliable source has disclosed essential details about Samsung’s forthcoming lineup, outlining five distinct variants expected in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Book 4 series. Here’s a breakdown of each laptop along with its specifications:

New Samsung Galaxy Book 4 (2024) Models to Feature Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake

These laptops offer diverse features and specifications, including the versatile Galaxy Book 360 with a touch-screen display and a convertible 360-degree hinge. Most models are expected to sport AMOLED displays, except for the base variant. Among the upcoming Samsung laptops, the non-Pro versions like the Galaxy Book 4 and Book 4 360 are anticipated to utilize the Core 5 120U processors instead of the Core Ultra chips. Additionally, the highest-tier model, the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra, might come equipped with a dedicated Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU.

The pricing details for these upcoming Samsung Galaxy Book 4 laptops remain undisclosed, as reported by WindowsReport. Estimates suggest that the cost might align with the current models featuring 13th Gen CPUs. However, there’s speculation that these new devices could come with a higher price tag compared to the current-gen offerings. The Galaxy Book 4 Ultra, equipped with the Intel Core Ultra 9 processor, is anticipated to be particularly impressive given its specifications.

Comparing Intel Core Ultra vs Intel Core in 14th Gen

The Galaxy Book 4 Ultra variant is expected to be powered by the Intel Core Ultra 9 185H 14th Gen processor, serving as the flagship CPU in Intel’s 14th Gen lineup. This processor is slated to succeed previous Core i9 H series processors, such as the i9-13900H. Rumored specifications include a maximum boost clock speed of up to 5.10GHz and a configuration boasting 16 cores and 22 threads. It’s important to note that as these CPUs haven’t been officially released yet, these specs might undergo changes in the future.

The latest 14th-generation processors from Intel, built on the Meteor Lake architecture, introduce substantial improvements. This marks a significant milestone for Intel, leading to the introduction of a new naming convention, notably the Core Ultra designation for high-end CPUs. While specifics about the differences between the basic Core variants and the more robust Core Ultra CPUs are not confirmed, it’s anticipated that Intel might exclude certain advanced features of the Meteor Lake architecture, like the Arc GPU or NPU Chip, from the lower-end variants. Additionally, the base variant of the Galaxy Book 4 is reportedly equipped with DDR4 memory instead of DDR5.

We’ll need to hold out until Intel’s AI Everywhere event next month to uncover further specifics and distinctions within the Intel 14th Gen lineup. What are your thoughts on these new Samsung Galaxy Book 4 laptops featuring Meteor Lake CPUs? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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