PS5 Slim Teardown Unveils Same 6nm Processor, Cooling Upgrades

People have started to disassemble the new PlayStation 5 model, often referred to as the PS5 Slim. Previously, we shared leaked photos of the console and compared the size of the PS5 Slim to the original PS5. Today, we will delve into the internal components of the new PS5 Slim, thanks to teardowns conducted by Linus Tech Tips and Dave2D.

PS5 Slim Teardown Unveils Its Internal Components

The primary feature of the new PlayStation 5 model is its reduced size and weight. The teardown provides insights into several internal aspects of the PS5 Slim. While there were speculations that the PS5 Slim might use a newer processor with a more advanced manufacturing process, it turns out that it indeed uses a 6nm processor.

This processor differs from the original PS5 model, which had a 7nm processor. There were earlier speculations that a 5nm or 4nm processor might be used in the PS5 Slim before its launch. It’s worth noting that Sony had quietly updated the original PS5 with a 6nm processor in September 2022.

It’s now confirmed that the PS5 Slim uses the same processor as the existing console, debunking earlier rumors. This was also confirmed through a system power consumption test, which showed that both the current and new PS5 models consume a similar amount of power (via LLT), falling within the margin of error.

To make the PS5 Slim possible, Sony conducted a complete redesign. The modular design allows for a smaller size with a removable disc drive. The cooling system has also been changed, with the slimmer model featuring an extra heat pipe. However, this heat pipe is attached to a smaller baseplate compared to the original PlayStation 5.

Indeed, the PS5 Slim brings several internal changes, including a redesigned fan with a 19-blade design and a focus on using the internal space efficiently. The continued use of liquid metal as the thermal interface material is also noteworthy.

As for whether the size reduction justifies the “Slim” designation, that’s a matter of personal preference. Some users may appreciate the smaller and lighter form factor, while others might prefer the original size for various reasons. It ultimately depends on individual priorities and preferences. Feel free to share your thoughts on the new PS5 Slim in the comments section below.

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