PlayStation 5 Users Eligible for 6 Months of Free Apple Music Subscription

That sounds like a fantastic offer for PlayStation 5 owners! Apple’s partnership with Sony to provide a six-month free subscription to Apple Music could certainly attract more users to explore the music streaming service through their gaming consoles.

PlayStation 5 users can extend the complimentary trial for Apple Music up to an additional five months, totaling a free six-month subscription for new Apple Music users. Essentially, this promotion adds a five-month extension to Apple’s existing one-month trial, allowing for a more extended free trial. Even if you’ve already utilized the standard one-month trial previously, you’re eligible for a complimentary Apple Music subscription for five months.

PS5 users have until November 15, 2024, to claim the free Apple Music offer. It’s exclusively redeemable on the PS5 console, but once activated, you can enjoy Apple Music across compatible devices by signing in with the same account.

PlayStation’s feature allows seamless background music streaming from Apple Music while gaming. Simply press the PS button on the controller, access the Music pane, and start playing a track. Additionally, the PS5 will suggest music related to the game you’re currently playing, enhancing your gaming experience.

Steps to Claim Free Apple Music on PlayStation 5

1. Install the Apple Music app on your PlayStation 5 console.

2. Launch the Apple Music app and sign in using your existing Apple ID or create a new one if needed.

3. If you’re eligible, the offer for the free Apple Music subscription will be available. Claim it within the app to access up to 6 months of Apple Music without any additional charges.

If you encounter any problems while redeeming the offer, it’s recommended to reach out to Apple Support for assistance. Following the free trial period, a charge of $10.99 per month will be applied to the payment method linked to your account. For further details and specific terms and conditions, refer to the official Apple Music-PlayStation offer webpage.

Please note, this offer is not applicable to Apple One subscribers or individuals who are already subscribed to Apple Music. Additionally, explore the top PS5 SSD options available to enhance your PS5 performance.

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