OPPO Begins ColorOS 14 Global Rollout: Features, Supported Devices & Timeline

Oppo, renowned for its smartphones, has revealed a significant update regarding its mobile software, Color OS. Following its public beta debut in October for specific devices, the company has officially launched the global rollout of ColorOS 14 from its beta phase to the stable version.

In Color OS 14, Oppo introduces an enhanced Aquamorphic design, building on the approach of ColorOS 13. This design language dynamically adjusts the smartphone’s UI colors based on various factors, including the time of day and the device’s current status. Oppo highlights that this new design, named after water, draws inspiration from aquatic elements.

The new feature, Aqua Dynamics, in Color OS 14 dynamically integrates common interactions and various apps, placing them at the forefront of the UI. This bears similarities to the iPhone’s dynamic island seen across Apple’s 2023 lineup. Users can continue monitoring the status of voice or screen recordings while multitasking on the phone.

Color OS 14 Brings Aquamorphic design, Aqua Dynamics, new AOD wallpapers, and more

Color OS 14 introduces several additional tools and features. The new File Dock provides convenient storage for files, images, Amazon listings, and more, retaining this data for quick access for 30 days. Additionally, the Smart Image Matting feature enables users to remove backgrounds from subjects in their photos. Oppo is also launching new Always on Display (AOD) wallpapers, promoting an environmental ‘go green‘ initiative alongside these additions.

The Upgraded Trinity Engine introduced by Oppo optimizes the CPU, RAM, and ROM, focusing on enhancing system computing resources, boosting memory performance, and improving overall app efficiency.

Release Date & Device Eligibility of Color OS 14

It’s unfortunate that the stable ColorOS 14 update won’t be available immediately for all Oppo smartphone users. Currently, the update is specifically being rolled out for the Find N2 Flip, Oppo’s flip-style foldable phone, accompanied by the October security patch. This update has commenced in selected regions.

Oppo hasn’t confirmed the exact timeline for when the stable ColorOS 14 update will reach other Oppo smartphones. They previously outlined a rollout plan for the ColorOS 14 global beta version. We’ll provide updates when the stable ColorOS 14 version starts rolling out widely to other devices and if there’s further device eligibility information.

Are you excitedly waiting for the ColorOS 14 update on your phone? We’d love to hear your thoughts about the update, feel free to share in the comments below!

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