OnePlus 12 Addresses Key Flaws of Its Predecessor

OnePlus has long excited users with its flagship releases but has been missing a key feature, wireless charging. However, there’s a shift in the winds as OnePlus is set to address this absence in its upcoming OnePlus 12. Li Jie, President of OnePlus China, recently shared details about the phone, revealing the return of wireless charging!

Wireless charging made its debut in the OnePlus 8 Pro and continued until the OnePlus 10 Pro, boasting fast wireless charging of up to 50W with Warp Charge. However, the OnePlus 11 flagship sadly omitted this feature, surprising many users. The sudden removal of this widely embraced smartphone feature left a peculiar void in the OnePlus lineup.

OnePlus 10 Pro had wireless charging, but the OnePlus 11 didn’t. Now, the OnePlus 12 is introducing it back. | Image Courtesy: OnePlus

Some may dismiss wireless charging as “unnecessary” or a “waste of money,” but I hold a different view. Wireless charging isn’t solely about achieving the fastest charging speeds. It’s about convenience, a feature OnePlus smartly integrated into their smartphones.

The beauty of wireless charging lies in its seamless functionality. While it only takes a few seconds to plug in a cable, the convenience of placing your phone on a charging pad without dealing with cables is a welcome luxury. In times of busyness or urgency, effortlessly picking up and using the phone from its wireless charging pad and then returning it to charge simplifies the charging process significantly.

The escalating prices of OnePlus smartphones made it essential for the OnePlus 12 to incorporate wireless charging, a confirmation that has now surfaced on Weibo. The President of OnePlus China explicitly stated that the much-anticipated OnePlus 12 will finally embrace wireless charging. Anticipation is mounting regarding the supported charging speeds, with expectations high. Given that the OnePlus 10 Pro supported 50W, there’s speculation that the OnePlus 12 might maintain this speed or potentially even offer higher wattage, fueling hopes for enhanced charging capabilities.

Confirmed Camera Specifications Revealed for OnePlus 12

Share your expectations for the OnePlus 12 and discuss if you’re considering an upgrade solely for the reintroduced wireless charging feature. OnePlus unveiled insights into the phone’s camera setup, revealing its use of the LYT-808 flagship sensor. This sensor, developed collaboratively by OnePlus and Sony, mirrors the one found in the OnePlus Open. Notably sized at 1/1.43 inches, it translates to a substantial ~0.7-inch camera sensor.

Additionally, expectations point towards the OnePlus 12 incorporating a ‘periscope telephoto‘ camera sensor. According to the President of OnePlus China, this periscope design aims to fulfill both the requirements of extended telephoto range and the integration of high-quality sensors. While loosely translated from Chinese, it suggests a highly versatile and dynamic camera setup for the OnePlus 12.

The OnePlus 12 is slated to feature an ultrawide camera with the IMX 851 sensor, boasting advanced attributes like a “13-channel multi-spectral sensor,” a purportedly exclusive feature for flagship-grade smartphones. Furthermore, the renewed collaboration between OnePlus and Hasselblad is set to deliver a finely tuned camera system for the forthcoming flagship device, as detailed in the Weibo post discussing the camera specifications.

According to the company’s announcements, the OnePlus 12 is scheduled to hit the market on December 4, 2023, in China. Its compelling features hint at an attractive offering, generating significant excitement.

Are you anticipating the OnePlus 12? Share your expectations and thoughts about potentially upgrading to this latest OnePlus flagship, especially considering its reintroduction of wireless charging. Share your thoughts and join the discussion by leaving your comments below!

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