New Leak Hints at Nvidia GPU and MediaTek CPU for Nintendo Switch 2

Recent rumors have suggested that developers may already have access to the Nintendo Switch 2. According to a well-known leaker, their sources are bound by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with the company. After years of anticipation, Nintendo fans may finally be in for some exciting developments regarding the next handheld console. Leaked specifications for the Nintendo Switch 2 have emerged, shedding light on the potential CPU and GPU that could power the device. Let’s delve into what this leak reveals about the console’s hardware.

Nintendo Switch 2 Reportedly Demonstrated with Nvidia GPU

A new leak from a user known as Nerolipe has shed light on some crucial details hinting at the use of an Nvidia GPU in the Nintendo Switch 2. This leak aligns with a previous one suggesting that Nintendo showcased the Switch 2 to developers at Gamescom 2023, albeit behind closed doors. In that earlier leak, the graphics quality was noted to be “similar” to that of modern consoles like the PS5.

Nerolipe, a Nintendo journalist, stated that their sources had witnessed a tech demo of Nintendo’s upcoming handheld at Gamescom 2023, featuring DLSS 3.1 technology. The leak also hinted at the possibility of ray tracing being supported on the Switch 2, with the RAM for this Nvidia GPU being 12GB. However, it wasn’t specified whether this would be GDDR6 equivalent or a different type of RAM.

Nintendo Switch 2 GPU Leak (Translated)

The inclusion of Nvidia’s DLSS 3 technology is particularly exciting, as it has the potential to significantly enhance graphics quality in future Nintendo games on the Switch 2. This development suggests that the upcoming handheld’s GPU may be based on Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace architecture, albeit scaled down, and could potentially feature the same tensor cores that power DLSS 3 Frame Generation on RTX 40-Series cards.

If these leaks hold true, the Nintendo Switch 2 could offer a substantial boost in graphical capabilities, promising an exciting future for Nintendo gamers. However, as with any leaks, it’s essential to approach this information with a degree of caution until officially confirmed by Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch 2 Allegedly Showcased Featuring Nvidia GPU

Another leak regarding the Nintendo Switch 2 has emerged, this time from YouTube creator RedGamingTech. The leak offers further insights into the console’s CPU. According to RedGamingTech’s source, the Nintendo Switch 2 will feature a MediaTek CPU with specific specifications:

  • 2x Cortex X4
  • 2x Cortex A720
  • 4x Cortex A520

In addition to this CPU information, the leak also touches upon the GPU aspect. It suggests that the console will use Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace architecture, potentially providing 12GB of graphics memory. Early testing of the handheld device was supposedly conducted on a Tegra T239. The GPU could house 12 to 16 streaming multiprocessors (SMs) based on the Ada Lovelace architecture.

Nintendo Switch 2 Specs Leak | Source: RedGamingTech/YT

However, it’s crucial to note that these leaks come with low-confidence ratings. Since they are among the initial rumors surrounding the Nintendo Switch 2, it’s advisable to approach them with caution. Nintendo has not officially confirmed the existence of the new console, so there is no release date in sight. It may be a while before we receive concrete details about this upcoming handheld.

Nevertheless, if these potential specifications hold true, they suggest a significant upgrade from the original Nintendo Switch. Are you eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Nintendo Switch 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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