New Leak Hints at GTA 6 Release Date and Announcement

GTA 6, the highly anticipated game, has been a subject of much speculation, particularly regarding its release date. A recent leak has shed light on significant details surrounding the potential announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6, Rockstar’s highly anticipated open-world title. Here’s what we currently know.

Possible Hint from Take Two CEO on GTA 6 Release Date

GTA 6 has been in development for an extended period, with occasional glimpses, including leaked gameplay videos. However, official information from Rockstar has been scarce, except for hints during the recent earnings call of its parent company, Take Two Interactive. During the call, there was a suggestion of a potential release window for GTA 6 in 2024/25.

Now, a new leak suggests that Grand Theft Auto 6 might finally be announced in October 2023. This timing aligns with the upcoming 10-year anniversary of GTA V. Additionally, the leak proposes a potential launch date for GTA 6 in October 2024.

The source of this leak is a user known as GTA6posts, who has consistently shared leaked content, including videos and images related to Grand Theft Auto VI. The leak included a voice note attributed to Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, but it has since been removed due to a copyright strike, making it unavailable for verification.

While this leak is promising, it’s important to approach GTA 6 leaks with caution. Despite aligning with previous reports, there is always the possibility of false information. The voice note leak attributed to Take Two Interactive’s CEO could have been generated by artificial intelligence using voice samples. The presence of a copyright notice doesn’t necessarily confirm its authenticity.

It’s crucial to understand that the actual release or announcement date of Grand Theft Auto 6 depends on the game’s development cycle. If Rockstar announces GTA 6 next month with a 2024 release date, potential development challenges or delays could still arise, affecting the timeline.

In summary, while the GTA 6 release date leak is intriguing, gamers should manage their expectations, as significant waiting time may still be ahead before the game becomes available. Do you believe this GTA 6 release date leak is genuine? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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