New CS2 Exploit Allows Players to See Through Smoke and Flash Grenades

Valve has encountered an issue with the Source 2 engine in Counter-Strike 2, where players are exploiting a new bug allowing them to see opponents through smoke grenades. The method behind this exploit involves using Nvidia’s game filters.

The exploit was initially revealed on Reddit by @GGDropcom_Off and has become a significant concern in CS2. Nvidia GPU users have access to Game Filters, enabling them to modify visual settings or apply filters for a distinct visual experience. However, one of these filters has been found to significantly affect gameplay in Counter-Strike 2.

After activating a specific Nvidia filter and deploying a smoke grenade, players can see through the smoke, pinpointing enemy locations in Counter-Strike 2. This exploit significantly facilitates scoring frags, posing a severe issue in CS2 gameplay. Notably, users exploiting this can still see other players, unaffected even by flashbangs.

The toggle feature within the Nvidia filter app allows users to maintain this advantage. While Nvidia filters are designed to enhance visual gaming experiences, in this scenario, they’re granting unfair advantages, rendering players impervious to both smoke grenades and flashbangs, providing an excessive advantage.

Should NVIDIA Game Filters Face Bans in Multiplayer Gaming?

Utilizing Nvidia Game Filters for personal visual enhancements in games is common, but issues can arise in multiplayer scenarios. Valve needs to address this new CS2 problem swiftly, allowing players to see through smokes.

In the meantime, staying cautious of opponents exploiting this loophole is advised. Opting out of premier matches might be prudent if you wish to avoid falling victim to this disruptive exploit.

With Counter-Strike 2, Source 2 engine brought dynamic smoke grenades

The emergence of this game-breaking bug, allowing players to see through smokes and flashes in Counter-Strike 2, raises concerns about fair play in multiplayer environments. Considering the impact similar issues had in other games like Valorant, where Nvidia filters were disabled to address such exploits, it’s highly likely that Valve will take similar action for CS2.

The debate over disabling Nvidia game filters across multiplayer games revolves around maintaining a level playing field. While these filters enhance visuals for some, they’ve inadvertently led to exploits in competitive gaming. Your thoughts on this matter would be valuable, share your opinions in the comments section below.

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