Microsoft Introduces New Copilot Key to Windows Keyboard

Microsoft has introduced a significant alteration to the Windows keyboard after nearly three decades by incorporating a new feature: the Copilot key. This key promptly summons the AI-powered Copilot chatbot on your Windows 11 PC. The Windows key was initially introduced with Windows 95 in 1994, serving to access the Start menu. Later, a menu key was added on the right side of the keyboard to open the context menu. However, Microsoft is now emphasizing its AI-focused approach by replacing the menu key with the Copilot key. Here’s a breakdown of all the details regarding these new changes.

Access Windows Copilot at Your Fingertips

Confirming previous rumors about Microsoft integrating AI PCs into the Surface laptop lineup, the company has officially announced the addition of a dedicated Copilot button on the keyboard. Notably, Microsoft is actively collaborating with its partners and OEMs to incorporate the Copilot key into Windows 11 laptops, beginning later this month. This Copilot key will also be a highlight feature on upcoming Surface devices.

Positioned next to the “Alt” key on the right side of the keyboard, the Copilot key will replace the Menu key. This move underscores Microsoft’s commitment to the Copilot brand and signifies the company’s serious approach toward AI features and advancements in the future. However, in specific markets and depending on the device’s form factor, OEMs may opt to place the Copilot button at varying locations.

The introduction of the Copilot key on Windows keyboards suggests that Microsoft is continuing its AI-focused initiatives. Presently, users can utilize the “Windows + C” keyboard shortcut on Windows 11 for quick access to the Copilot chatbot. This latest development signifies Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to advancing AI technologies. The company aims to make 2024 a year dedicated to AI-powered PCs, delivering personalized on-device AI experiences.

Moreover, Microsoft’s ongoing efforts extend to the development of its next-generation operating system, Windows 12, designed to provide an intelligent computing experience driven by AI seamlessly integrated into Windows.

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