Microsoft Discontinues $1 Game Pass Trial in Anticipation of Starfield Launch

Microsoft has made a significant change to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service ahead of the launch of the highly anticipated game Starfield. Previously, gamers could often get a trial of Xbox Game Pass for just $1, taking advantage of great discounts and deals. However, it seems that Microsoft is ending this trial offer and instead charging full price for the subscription.

Xbox Game Pass is a popular service that allows gamers to access a wide variety of games on Xbox consoles and Windows PCs. Many users, including myself, would jump on the Game Pass subscription whenever there was a discounted offer available. Microsoft often provided special prices for both new and existing subscribers, but that seems to be changing now.

With the upcoming release of Starfield, which is set to be available on Game Pass from its launch day, Microsoft seems to be using this highly anticipated game as a way to boost sales of Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, for those who missed out on the $1 trial offer, it looks like they won’t have the chance to get the subscription at that price anymore.

According to a post by @Wario64 on (formerly Twitter), it appears that Microsoft has decided to discontinue the $1 Xbox Game Pass trial altogether. This means that from now on, the regular prices will apply, $9.99 per month for the PC platform, $10.99 per month for the console platform, and $16.99 per month for the “Ultimate” version of the subscription.

In the past, I personally remember getting the Ultimate subscription for three months at a very affordable rate, but it seems those days are now over. It remains to be seen what Microsoft’s future plans are for Xbox Game Pass pricing. Will they introduce discounts on the subscription later on? Will we only see these current prices going forward? Additionally, it’s worth considering whether they will continue to bundle the subscription with new devices, like the ROG Ally that comes with three free months of Xbox Game Pass.

If you’re a gamer, what are your thoughts on this change in pricing for Xbox Game Pass? Will you still opt for a subscription to play Starfield and other games? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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