Mauga, the Latest Tank Hero in Overwatch 2: Full Details!

Overwatch 2 has seen its fair share of developments, and now, the developers are preparing to introduce an exciting update. During Blizzcon 2023, Blizzard Entertainment pleasantly surprised us with the introduction of a new hero in Overwatch 2. Meet Mauga, the latest tank hero to join the Overwatch 2 roster. In this article, we’ll delve into his origin story and abilities to give you a comprehensive overview of this new addition!

Introducing Mauga: The New Tank Hero in Overwatch 2

Mauga is a member of the Talon Elite, the opposing force to Overwatch. In the modern-day narrative of Overwatch 2, where players take part, both Talon and Overwatch operatives are at their disposal. This contemporary story is considerably distinct from earlier events. Mauga is aligned with characters like Reaper and Widowmaker, as they all belong to Talon, the primary antagonistic faction in the Overwatch universe.

Hailing from Samoa, Mauga shares a close connection with Baptiste, a current Support hero in Overwatch 2. Mauga and Baptiste have undertaken missions together in the past, and Mauga has praised Baptiste as “the best medic in Talon.” The name “Mauga” means “mountains” in the Samoan language, and he holds the distinction of being Overwatch 2’s first Samoan hero.

Mauga Overwatch 2: Weapons and Abilities

Mauga possesses two formidable chainguns as his primary weapons, known as Gunny (Incendiary) and Cha-Cha (Volatile). Gunny allows Mauga to ignite enemies with sustained hits, causing them to burn. Meanwhile, Cha-Cha enables him to inflict critical damage to enemies already ablaze. These weapons can be wielded independently or simultaneously. In addition to his dual chainguns, Mauga boasts a variety of abilities, including:

  • Mauga’s ultimate ability, “Cage Fight,” allows him to trap nearby enemies inside a cage to battle against him. During this ultimate, Mauga gains unlimited ammo, making him a formidable force.
  • His passive ability, “Berserker,” grants Mauga temporary health when he inflicts critical damage on his enemies.
  • Mauga’s normal abilities consist of “Overrun” and “Cardiac Override.” In “Overrun,” he propels himself forward to stomp enemies, becoming unstoppable while charging. “Cardiac Override” provides healing to Mauga’s allies when they deal damage and reduces the damage they receive from opponents.

Mauga is currently available as a limited-time trial on all platforms, but it’s only accessible for a weekend. Players can look forward to his official release in Overwatch Season 8, which is scheduled for December 5, 2023. Feel free to share your thoughts and excitement about Mauga’s addition to the Overwatch hero lineup in the comments below.

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