Lenovo ThinkBook 14+ With OCulink EGPU Support, Set for 2024 Arrival

The upcoming 2024 release from Lenovo, the ThinkBook 14+, has surfaced on Chinese social media platforms via leaks shared by Zhizhu Da V Apocalypse. Among Lenovo’s 2024 laptop lineup, this specific model is anticipated to feature an OCulink EGPU port and Intel Core Ultra processors.

Understanding the OCulink Port: Is It Better than Thunderbolt 4?

The standout feature of the ThinkBook 14+ among its array of specs is the inclusion of an Optical-Copper Link (OCulink) port. This particular port allows the laptop to be upgraded with dedicated desktop graphics using a compatible adapter.

For those unfamiliar, the OCulink connection enables a faster and more cost-effective means of integrating dedicated desktop graphics compared to Thunderbolt, making it a preferred choice for EGPU products.

This encompasses products like OSMETA GK01 or GPD G1 featuring RX 7600M. OCulink stands out as a superior choice compared to Thunderbolt for external laptop graphics. This superiority stems from its operation through the PCIe interface, showcasing significantly better performance when assessing the bottleneck between OCulink and Thunderbolt.

Oculink Port tested for External Laptop Graphics

Our team conducted personal tests using an M.2 to OCulink port EGPU adapter with an HP-based AMD laptop, achieving exceptionally positive outcomes with both GTX 1080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti. It’s truly promising to witness this port being prominently featured in an upcoming Lenovo laptop.

Zhizhu shared multiple images of the upcoming Lenovo ThinkBook 14+ (2024) laptop, revealing its association with at least an Intel Core Ultra 7 processor. However, confirmation is pending regarding the potential availability of the more robust Core Ultra 9 CPU. The OCulink port is visibly highlighted in these images.

Regarding other enhancements, these new Intel Core Ultra CPUs are fueled by the Meteor Lake architecture, offering a host of improvements. These encompass advancements like the evolved Intel 4 manufacturing process, the inclusion of Intel Arc Graphics, a newly integrated NPU Chip for on-device AI processing, and several other enhancements.

As of now, the specific Core Ultra variants for the upcoming Lenovo ThinkBook 14+ remain undisclosed.

The leaker hints at additional undisclosed features beyond OCulink support in the ThinkBook 14+, particularly in its high-end variants, highlighting its exceptional configurability. Notably, the leaked details mention optional GPU choices, various screen options, and diverse SSD capacities.

What’s your take on the forthcoming Lenovo ThinkBook 14+ (2024) equipped with Intel Core Ultra processors? Should OCulink EGPU capabilities be integrated into more laptops? Feel free to share your opinions down in the comments!

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