Lenovo Teases Legion Y7000P with Intel 14th Gen in China

Lenovo has just provided a sneak peek of the Legion Y7000P gaming laptop in China, hinting at a range of other exclusive Legion laptops like the Y8000 and Geek Pro G5000. Despite the differing names, these laptops are expected to align with Lenovo’s global lineup, featuring models like the Legion 5 and Legion 7.

In a recent teaser posted on Weibo, Lenovo showcased a dramatic scene at its headquarters. The teaser depicts a Legion member involved in a heist, navigating through the premises until discovering the top-secret area. Here, the protagonist unveils the highly anticipated Lenovo Y700P Gaming Laptop, revealed as they delicately present an Intel chip with forceps.

Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh spotted in Lenovo China’s teaser

The revealed internals of the gaming laptop showcase a CPU that closely resembles previous 13th Gen processors, indicating the potential use of new Intel 14th Gen processors built on the ‘Raptor Lake Refresh‘ architecture. Intel China had previously confirmed the impending arrival of these laptop CPUs.

Anticipation is high for the forthcoming Lenovo Legion Y7000P Gaming Laptop, which is expected to offer configurability with the potential inclusion of a 14th Gen Core i9-14900HX chip. This model is projected to house 24 cores and 32 threads, akin to its predecessor (i9-13900HX), while likely boasting higher clock speeds, promising a slight performance enhancement.

Earlier leaks also revealed several images of the Lenovo Legion Y7000P. In our recent coverage, we discussed the Lenovo ThinkBook 14+, an upcoming productivity laptop slated to debut in 2024, featuring Intel Core Ultra processors based on the Meteor Lake Architecture.

Intel 14th Gen (i9-14900HX & i7-14650HX) previously leaked on Lenovo Legion Pro 5 laptop

In that same leak, images of the Legion Y7000P were accompanied by several other Lenovo laptops. Additionally, there were earlier leaks about the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro gaming laptop, showcasing two Intel 14th Gen processors, including i9 and i7 variants.

Lenovo Legion Y7000P: Pricing & Availability

The price of the Lenovo Legion Y7000P has yet to be disclosed, but Lenovo China has teased its official availability. The Weibo post hints at a January debut with the phrase, “See you in January!

This suggests the launch of the Lenovo Legion Y7000P is anticipated in early January 2024, coinciding with the expected release of the new Intel 14th Gen CPUs featuring the Raptor Lake Refresh architecture designed for laptops.

What are your impressions of the Lenovo Legion Y7000P gaming laptop? Are you considering purchasing the Intel 14th Gen or are you more intrigued by gaming laptops equipped with Intel Core Ultra processors? Feel free to share your thoughts down below!

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