Leaked Benchmarks for AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX3D, Uncovering the Details!

In the world of gaming laptops, AMD’s Ryzen 9 7945HX3D has grabbed the spotlight with its promise of being the fastest thanks to the innovative 3D V-Cache technology. This intriguing feature was first introduced with the previous-gen desktop AM4 platform through the 5800X3D CPU. Now, let’s delve into the leaked benchmarks for the Ryzen 9 7945HX3D to see if it truly lives up to the hype as the ultimate gaming CPU or if it trails behind Intel’s mighty Core i9.

Geekbench Benchmarks: Ryzen 9 7945HX3D Performance

Leaked benchmarks have emerged from ASUS’s ROG Strix G733, showcasing the Ryzen 9 7945HX3D CPU in action. These results, available on both Geekbench 5 and Geekbench 6, reveal the CPU information as “AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX3D with Radeon Graphics,” featuring 16 cores and 32 threads. A noteworthy detail is the maximum CPU frequency recorded at an impressive 5.38GHz. It’s important to note that these are synthetic CPU benchmarks and might not accurately reflect in-game performance.

Let’s take a look at a multi-core score comparison of this Ryzen 9 CPU against AMD’s non-3D V-Cache counterpart, the Ryzen 9 7945HX. Also included are the scores from Intel’s i9-13950HX, sourced from the MSI GT77 HX. This gaming laptop stands as one of the fastest, boasting an RTX 4090 and 64GB DDR5 RAM.

(R9-7945HX scores are from the Geekbench Browser)

In this face-off, the Ryzen 9 7945HX3D slightly trails the Core i9 in raw CPU benchmark scores. However, AMD’s 3D V-Cache technology shines through, as their desktop gaming CPUs equipped with this tech have proven to be top performers for gaming.

Initial benchmarks paint the AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX3D in a favorable light, placing it in close proximity to other high-end laptop CPUs. Geekbench 6 scores reveal a slight variance in performance. Similarly, the desktop realm sees the AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D falling short against the Intel i9-13900K in benchmark scores, yet reigning supreme as the world’s fastest gaming CPU when tested across a range of games.

AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX3D Gaming Performance Tested

Though the Ryzen 9 7945HX3D didn’t quite emerge as the victor in these early synthetic CPU benchmarks when pitted against the fastest Core i9 laptop CPU, it’s likely to flex its muscles in terms of gaming performance. Unfortunately, these leaks didn’t dish out any gaming performance numbers. To truly gauge its prowess as the ultimate gaming laptop CPU, we eagerly await its performance in CPU-intensive games.

Given the track record of impressive gaming performance set by other 3D V-Cache CPUs by AMD, there’s a strong expectation that the R9 7945HX3D will follow suit. Are you eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Ryzen 9 7945HX3D? Share your excitement in the comments below!

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