Leak Indicates Larger Die Size for Next-Gen Intel Battlemage GPU

Intel’s venture into the GPU market with its Arc lineup has garnered attention, despite some initial hiccups. Enthusiasts have shown support for Team Blue’s graphics card debut, even amid reported challenges. As new leaks emerge, let’s delve into what we’ve learned about Intel’s upcoming next-generation Arc GPU series, codenamed Battlemage.

Unveiling New Test Tools for Intel Battlemage GPUs

Recent leaks related to the rumored Intel Battlemage Arc GPU lineup have emerged on Intel’s Design-In Tools website. This platform provides tools for validation, platform testing, debugging, and more to Intel’s partners. These tools cater to existing products and those in the pipeline.

A keen-eyed Korean hardware enthusiast (@harukaze5719) spotted these new test tools and revealed that they are linked to two potential future Intel Battlemage GPU models: BMG-X2 and BMG-X3. The listings feature the BGA2362-BMG-X2 Interposer and the BGA2727-BMG-X3-6CH interposer.

It’s important to note that these names aren’t the actual product designations but rather references to the rumored graphics processors that might find their way into future Intel Arc Battlemage GPUs. So, what insights can we glean from this recent leak regarding Intel’s speculated follow-up to the Arc Alchemist series (encompassing GPUs like the Arc A770 & A750), which is dubbed Battlemage?

Upon examining the testing tool for BMG-X3, we note that it employs the BGA-2727 socket. Comparing this socket with the one used in the current top-tier Intel Arc GPU, the Arc A770, we observe a slight size increase in the new socket. This leak provides a preliminary glimpse into Intel’s initial chip design for the forthcoming Intel Arc GPUs. However, it’s essential to underline that this isn’t a confirmed final design.

Should Intel pursue this direction, it suggests an inclination toward experimenting with a larger die size for the upcoming Intel Battlemage GPU lineup, part of the Arc series. A larger die size doesn’t necessarily translate to a physically bigger graphics processor internally; instead, it might relate to adjustments in the heat spreader’s dimensions.

When Can We Expect the New Intel Battlemage GPUs?

The debut of Intel’s next-generation Arc GPUs isn’t anticipated in the immediate future this year. Rather, recent leaks point to a potential release in Q2 2024. While an earlier launch might be possible, developmental challenges cast some uncertainty over the timeline. Notable hardware leaker Moore’s Law Is Dead shared intriguing insights about Intel’s Battlemage Arc graphics, shedding light on the possible launch date and a few specifications. These include memory bandwidth, size, and type (with GDDR6X suggested for the top-end variants). These details are outlined below:

Intel’s commitment to updating drivers for older Arc GPUs and its comprehensive user support contribute to a sense of assurance about the future of its dedicated graphics business. Raja Koduri was the chip designer behind Intel Arc Graphics (who has since left the company). This ongoing dedication to the Arc series leaves us with anticipation for Team Blue’s upcoming graphics card lineup. The prospect of unveiling their progress so far is undeniably exciting.

Are you considering the forthcoming Intel Arc Battlemage GPUs? Share your thoughts on your favorite GPU brand in the comments section.

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