iPhone 17 Front Camera to Double Megapixels Compared to iPhone 15: Kuo

Apple appears to have ambitious designs for its 2025 iPhone, even as the iPhone 16 looms on the horizon. Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that Apple intends to double the power of the front-facing camera in the iPhone 17 compared to the capabilities of the iPhone 15 series.

Kuo’s research note delves into the business outlook of Genius Electronic Optical Company Limited, an Apple supplier based in China. Within the note, Kuo unveils insights hinting at “substantial enhancements to the front camera lens for the iPhone 17“, signaling advantageous prospects for Genius as a beneficiary of this upgrade.

According to Kuo’s insights, the iPhone 17 is poised to showcase a significant advancement in its front camera, boasting a 24MP/6P lens configuration. In this context, “P” signifies “plastic” and denotes the number of lens elements incorporated into a camera module. The higher megapixel count correlates with an increased number of lens elements or ‘P-s‘.

The anticipated 6P lens for the iPhone 17’s front camera promises enhanced image quality, delivering images closer to reality with heightened sharpness and detail. Kuo highlights Genius as the primary supplier for these front camera lenses in the iPhone 17 series. Given the higher cost of the 6P lens, estimated to be 100-120% more expensive than its predecessor, Genius is forecasted to witness amplified profits and revenue in the latter half of 2025.

Moreover, Kuo’s note also touches on the enhancements expected in the iPhone 16’s ultra-wide camera. The upgrade entails a transition from the 15 Pro’s 12MP/1.0um lens to an impressive 48MP/0.7um lens, indicating a significant leap in imaging capabilities for the iPhone 16.

AzMo Tech’s Take

The front camera arena in iPhones has been relatively stagnant, with Apple maintaining a 12MP front camera since the iPhone 11’s launch in 2019. Meanwhile, in the Android sphere, competitors continually outdo one another with escalating megapixel counts. The rumored leap to a 24MP front camera in the iPhone 17 series signals a long-overdue upgrade to Apple’s TrueDepth camera system, promising users sharper, more detailed selfies, and enriched FaceTime experiences.

However, the transition from a 5P to a 6P lens alongside the advancement to a 24-megapixel front camera is expected to raise production costs, potentially impacting the end-user. Should Apple follow its usual strategy of reserving such advancements for the Pro or Ultra models, it might result in a price hike. In this scenario, would you be willing to pay more for an improved front camera, understanding that the 24MP camera might become an exclusive feature for the higher-tier iPhone models?

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