Intel’s Meteor Lake Emerges in Another Laptop Lineup!

Once again, details about Intel’s forthcoming 14th Gen mobile CPUs, based on the Meteor Lake architecture, have surfaced. This time, specifics regarding the HP Spectre X360’s configuration reveal it will feature the Intel Core Ultra processor!

The leak originated from X user @momomo_us, known for sharing various hardware leaks previously. The leaked specs sheets of two distinct HP laptops (from the Spectre X360 2024 lineup) have provided comprehensive information, particularly highlighting the inclusion of the Intel Core Ultra 14th Gen processor.

The HP Spectre X360, a convertible laptop featuring a remarkable 14-inch OLED (2.8K) display, has emerged in leaked images showcasing its inclusion of a stylus. The specifications sheet reveals powerful components such as 16GB LPDDR5x 6400MHz memory, a 1TB SSD, and Intel Arc Graphics.

Previous leaks have hinted at the impressive capabilities of Intel Arc graphics. The integration of the new Meteor Lake Arc GPU is expected to significantly enhance the performance of the built-in graphics processing unit in the upcoming Intel chips. According to the leaked spec sheets, the X360 laptops will be equipped with either the Intel Core Ultra 5 or Intel Core Ultra 7 processors. Here are the CPU specifications detailed in the leak:

Leaked Specs of Intel 14th Gen Core Ultra (Source: @momomo_us/X)

Both processors are anticipated to be high-performance chips classified under Intel’s Ultra category within the 14th generation of CPUs. The initial leaks of 14th Gen CPUs were linked to Meteor Lake-based MSI laptops.

Beyond the powerful processors, additional features of the laptop encompass support for WiFi 7, rapid charging capabilities, a fingerprint reader, and a quad-speaker setup. Notably, HP highlights the inclusion of an ‘AI Chip‘ among the laptop’s input device features. HP, alongside other laptop manufacturers, is keen on promoting its new Meteor Lake-based laptops by emphasizing the incorporation of ‘built-in AI technology‘ functionalities.

Intel is set to introduce an NPU (Neural Processing Unit) within its upcoming Meteor Lake CPUs, dedicated to on-device AI processing. The company has expressed intentions to incorporate advanced AI capabilities into numerous laptops slated for release in 2024. Intel has confirmed plans to officially unveil these advancements at its ‘AI Everywhere‘ event scheduled for mid-December!

Reported pricing details indicate $1999.99 for the HP Spectre X360 equipped with an Intel Core Ultra 7 processor. It’s crucial to note that neither HP nor Intel has validated any of the aforementioned information. Specifications regarding CPU models, laptop features, performance benchmarks, and prices are subject to potential alterations before the official launch.

What do you make of the leaked details about HP’s forthcoming Spectre X360 laptop featuring the Meteor Lake architecture? Are you looking forward to Intel’s 14th Gen release? Feel free to share what you think in the comments section below!

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