Intel Refines Evo Edition Standards for 14th Gen Laptops!

In the midst of several revelations, Intel is set to introduce the 14th Gen Meteor Lake, alongside changes in the Intel Evo series. The Intel Evo certification is undergoing a revamp with a fresh badge and heightened criteria defining what qualifies a laptop for Intel Evo certification. Additionally, the Intel Unison app is undergoing a significant overhaul, incorporating noteworthy new features.

Understanding ‘Intel Evo Edition’; 14th Gen Brings Updated Standards

The Intel Evo Edition represents Intel’s stringent criteria set for laptops. In the maze of options in 2023, seeking out the Intel Evo Edition badge ensures a machine packed with robust features and dependable specifications. These encompass various facets like battery life, PC wake-on time, connectivity, display quality, and beyond.

As a new CPU generation debuts, the benchmarks defining an Intel Evo Edition-certified PC have evolved. Artificial intelligence emerges as a pivotal factor. The inclusion of an integrated NPU chip is now a prerequisite for Intel Evo Edition certification, accelerating numerous AI-related tasks.

The NPU enables offline AI processing, empowering laptops to handle AI functionalities like Microsoft Studio Effects, automatic screen dimming based on user gaze, and automatic lock when the user moves away from the device.

Additionally, Intel Evo Edition-certified laptops promise 10+ hours of real-world battery life. Booting up in under <1.5 seconds is a key criterion to qualify for Intel’s ‘Instant On‘ feature. These Evo laptops are also required to deliver 4 hours of battery life with just 30 minutes of charging, making fast charging an essential component as well.

Intel is rolling out a new benchmark named ‘Cool Quieter Performance,’ aiming to set a standard for the maximum fan noise allowed in Intel 14th Gen laptops.

Several other hardware prerequisites accompany this criterion. These include a vibrant FHD+ display, a 1080p webcam, an EPEAT Silver certification signifying the product’s sustainability, WiFi 6E connectivity, support for Thunderbolt 4 Type-C, Dual Channel RAM configuration, and a PCIe SSD. Altogether, the latest Intel Evo edition laptops are poised to deliver an impressive array of features!

Enhancements Coming to the Intel Unison App

Intel Unison represents Intel’s endeavor to create an ecosystem, and the Unison app boasts numerous impressive features. This application functions across devices, aiming to streamline your computing experience. Notable functionalities include file transfers between your phone and PC, facilitating calls, and more.

In efforts to enhance the Unison app, Intel is introducing broader device compatibility. Intel now asserts that ‘any phone and tablet‘ can access the Intel Unison app, enabling them to seamlessly integrate into your computing ecosystem.

Additionally, the Intel Unison app on tablets enables screen sharing with your PC, turning the tablet into a secondary monitor. Upcoming major features include Universal Control and Swift Connect, set to debut between mid-February and early April next year.

Swift Connect streamlines connections across diverse devices, ensuring seamless transitions. Universal Control emerges as a standout feature, empowering users to manage all their devices using a single set of peripherals (keyboard + mouse). The combined force of the Intel Unison app and the latest Intel Evo Edition 14th Gen processor promises an incredibly innovative Windows PC experience. Are you eagerly anticipating the future of computing? Share your excitement in the comments below!

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