Intel Meteor Lake Arc iGPU Shows Impressive Benchmark Score

Previously, the integrated GPU performance in Intel CPUs struggled with graphics-intensive workloads. However, Intel is seeking to revolutionize this with the upcoming Meteor Lake architecture. Confirming this ambition, leaked benchmark scores of an Intel Arc GPU have surfaced online.

The benchmark scores originate from the MSI Prestige 16 AI Evo Laptop, which features the iGPU. They were initially discovered by a user known as @Benchleaks, formerly on Twitter.

This laptop has been spotted before in the recently leaked Intel 14th Gen laptop listings. The OpenCL benchmark for this device is available in the Geekbench database, showcasing the performance of the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor, coupled with Intel Arc graphics.

The Intel Arc Graphics variant found on the 155H managed to achieve a score of 27,249 points in the OpenCL test of Geekbench 5. To provide context, we’ve compared this score against older dedicated GPUs like Nvidia’s GTX 10/16 series and AMD’s highly performing 780M GPU:

Geekbench 5 Compute OpenCL API Scores Compared (Source: Geekbench Database)

That score is actually quite impressive, especially considering it’s coming from a low-wattage processor. Given that this benchmark is associated with the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H, there’s a strong possibility that the Core Ultra 9 could feature an even more robust Intel Arc GPU. Surpassing the performance of the well-known mid-range GPU, Nvidia’s GTX 1050 Ti, showcases the potential capability of Intel’s 14th Gen laptops equipped with Arc graphics.

The integration of the onboard Intel Arc GPU with the 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPU promises satisfactory performance, particularly in content creation tasks and other GPU-intensive workloads. Additionally, the GPU’s gaming capabilities are expected to be decent, suitable for light gaming and potentially more. An earlier Intel demonstration showcased the new Arc graphics running Forza Horizon 5 smoothly at 60 FPS with Full HD (1920×1080) resolution.

Comparing to the Radeon 780M, particularly a lower-power variant pulling 30W, it remains a stronger performer, albeit with the caveat that the power draw of the Intel Arc GPU in the 14th Gen Meteor Lake is still unknown. However, indications suggest that the Intel Arc GPU might match performance levels with this specific lower-power variant of the 780M.

Intel’s Meteor Lake architecture promises a host of innovations within its forthcoming 14th-generation CPUs, anticipated to debut imminently. With the AI Everywhere event slated for next month, Intel’s focus on this architecture extends beyond the GPU. Accompanying the GPU enhancements is the introduction of a new NPU chip embedded within Meteor Lake. Users can expect a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit) optimized for AI workloads, trackable through the task manager. This specialized chip is designed exclusively for AI processing, showcasing Intel’s concerted effort to augment AI capabilities within their CPUs.

Are you enthusiastic about the performance enhancements in Intel’s Arc GPU featured in the 14th Gen Meteor Lake processors? This notable upgrade represents a significant leap, transforming the perception of ‘integrated GPU‘ capabilities. Feel free to share your opinions with us down in the comments section!

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