Intel China Announces 14th Gen Raptor Lake HX Laptop Processors!

Intel’s recent event in China introduced the 14th-generation desktop processors, including the Core i9-14900K. In addition to these desktop CPUs, the company has also revealed plans for upcoming 14th-gen desktop processors. To the surprise of many, Intel announced that HX-series laptop processors are also on the horizon. Let’s delve into the exciting details about the upcoming Intel 14th Gen HX-series CPUs!

Upcoming Launch of 14th-Gen Raptor Lake HX Laptop & Desktop CPUs

Intel’s 14th Gen desktop CPUs are already available, featuring the “refreshedRaptor Lake architecture. However, the upcoming Core Ultra processors will be powered by the exclusive Meteor Lake architecture. This means that Intel will have CPUs based on both the Meteor Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh architectures in the near future.

The confirmation regarding the HX-series laptop processors came from Intel China and was first shared by hardware leaker @wxnod on X (formerly Twitter). The translation indicates that more 65W and HX SKUs are on the way, confirming the launch of Raptor Lake S processors for laptops. Additionally, when Intel China mentions “65W,” they are referring to other 14th Gen desktop CPUs, such as non-K series processors, which have a power consumption of 65W.

The various K-series processors (i5-14600K, i7-14700K, i9-14900K) have a base TDP of 125W. As for the Raptor Lake HX series processors designed for laptops, there have been numerous leaks providing insights into these high-performance laptop CPUs.

For example, there have been leaks about the Intel Core i7-14700HX, which suggests an increase in core count compared to the previous-generation i7-13700HX. While the i5 and i9 variants may not represent major upgrades over their predecessors, they are expected to offer slightly improved performance and efficiency, similar to what has been observed with the 14th-Gen desktop processors.

Previous Gen Intel Raptor Lake HX chip

The full lineup for desktop CPUs has also been leaked, and it’s generating excitement among users. Whether you’re planning to upgrade to these new Intel 14th Gen processors for laptops or desktops or simply anticipating their performance, feel free to share your thoughts and expectations in the comments below.

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