Instagram Threads: Exciting update and hint of a web version coming

Created as its own version of Twitter, Instagram’s Threads app quickly gained popularity, attracting more than 100 million active users since its launch. Meta, the company behind Instagram, is actively updating the app for iOS users, making it more feature-rich and fresh. There are also signs that a web version of the Threads app may be available.

Threads Web version Coming Soon ?

According to comments from Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, the company is working hard to bring support for threads to Mac and Windows. There is currently no web version of Threads, including support for Mac, which has frustrated users. The inability to run the iOS version of Threads on Macs was seen as a limitation with Apple’s Silicon-based Macs, since the devices are designed to run iPhone and iPad apps.

Although Threads’ engineer Jessel highlighted the internal efforts to make this work, a smooth web experience has yet to be achieved. As a result, developing Threads for the web is no longer a priority, as the team is focused on improving the iOS app.

Despite this, Instagram continues to update Threads, with the latest addition being the Following tab. This feature allows users to view sequentially stored information from the accounts they follow. The Following tab complements the existing Threads UI, providing a split homepage with two sections: For You and the Following Tab. Users can enable the Following Tab by clicking the Home button on the bottom toolbar or the Threads icon at the top, although this step must be repeated each time the app is opened.

For now, there is no uncertainty about when or whether a web version of the Threads app will be released. In the meantime, users are encouraged to make good use of the iOS app and enjoy the latest features that enhance their experience. Those who are waiting can search for a new Following Tab and see if it is available in their app.

In conclusion, the Instagram Threads app has been a huge success, but the web version has not yet been confirmed. In the meantime, users can make good use of the iOS app and expect future notifications about the web version. Go check if the Following Tab is enabled for your account. Enjoy checking out the latest features and improvements to the app!

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