Insomniac Games Suffers Extensive Data Breach, Revealing Future Game Plans

That’s unfortunate news about Insomniac Games’ data breach. The ransomware attack threatened to expose their internal information and ongoing game developments unless certain demands were met. Sadly, it seems the Spider-Man 2 developer couldn’t comply with the demands, leading to the hackers releasing the data as promised.

This breach has unveiled internal details, including information about a much-anticipated Marvel game. Additionally, it has revealed insights into Insomniac’s game roadmap for the next decade.

Roadmap Leaked: Insomniac Games Internal Data

The leaked data, around 1.67TB in size, emerged on various anonymous online platforms and gaming forums, containing a plethora of sensitive material. Among the revelations is the complete cast list for Insomniac Games’ upcoming Wolverine game, initially unveiled during the PlayStation Showcase in 2021.

The leaked information discloses the notable voice actors involved in the game, portraying various characters. Additionally, the white box development demo, internal usage materials, and detailed synopses of the game’s prologue have also surfaced online.

The leaks have provided glimpses into the ongoing development of several games, which is likely to create internal challenges for Insomniac Games. The exposed data encompasses a project release schedule, shedding light on the studio’s upcoming ventures. Notably, concept art for the next Ratchet and Clank installment, projected for a 2029 launch, has surfaced.

The leaked roadmap validates previous speculations, detailing a newly planned Marvel’s Venom game set for a 2025 release, followed by Wolverine in 2026. Subsequently, a third Spider-Man installment is expected in 2028, with an X-Men game slated for 2030.

Moreover, the breach included sensitive employee data such as HR information and screenshots of Slack conversations, exposing details about past, current, and prospective employees. While Sony has not yet addressed the Insomniac Games leak, we’re actively monitoring developments and will provide updates as they unfold.

Ransomware Group Involvement Confirmed

That’s distressing news! The cyberattack carried out by the Rhyside ransomware group seems to have been orchestrated as a means of extorting Sony PlayStation. The group reportedly gained access to a substantial amount of data, about 1.67TB, containing around 1.3 million files from Insomniac Games, intending to demand a ransom of 50 Bitcoins, equivalent to roughly $2 million.

According to, the ransomware group made a significant portion, around 98%, of the extracted data available to the public, while the remaining portion was sold to a bidder. The group claims they swiftly acquired domain administrator rights within 20-25 minutes of hacking the network, emphasizing that game developers like Insomniac Games are viewed as vulnerable targets, making them easy prey for such cyberattacks. Their primary motivation appears to have been financial gain.

Absolutely, leaks can be incredibly disruptive and disappointing for everyone involved, from the developers and publishers to the eager gaming community. They often lead to internal challenges within the development process, potentially causing changes in plans, project delays, or even cancellations. High-profile leaks, such as those surrounding Cyberpunk 2077, GTA 6, and now, Insomniac Games’ projects, can significantly impact the gaming landscape and the anticipation surrounding these titles.

It’s crucial to await official statements from Sony or Insomniac Games to understand the full extent of the situation. Meanwhile, extending support and well wishes to the affected employees at Insomniac Games is essential during this challenging time.

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