Honkai Star Rail: Four Upcoming Penacony Character Models Leaked

Honkai Star Rail’s Penacony Trailblazing World is on the horizon, and leaks are becoming more frequent, offering insights into new features like the new travel mechanic. In the latest leaks shared by otchim_leaks, we get a glimpse of the new Penacony character models, including Boothill, Gallagher, Sunday, and Robin.

Boothill is revealed to be a rogue-like character from the Hunt path, specializing in Physical damage. The leaked model aligns well with the character description, featuring a space cowboy-style hat and a militaristic uniform adorned with badges. The stylish space cowboy appearance accurately reflects the rumored connections to the refugees in Penacony. Additional leaks suggest that Boothill is a formidable character, known for being tough to deal with, yet fiercely loyal to friends.

Gallagher presents a polished appearance with a handsome clean-shaven face, and his hands bear multiple scars, suggesting a history of battles. Despite being rumored as a 4-star character, his design indicates a DPS (Damage Per Second) role. While Gallagher’s character design appears simple, it is aesthetically pleasing, and the scars add a layer of complexity to his refined look.

In contrast, Sunday’s model diverges significantly from Boothill and Gallagher. Sporting a sophisticated ensemble featuring a white coat and a gold halo with three eyes, Sunday exudes a regal and stylish aura. The combination of the white coat and the halo contributes to a distinctive and fashionable appearance.

Sunday initially appeared in the Crown of the Mundane and Divine Special Program and is revealed to be Robin’s older brother, serving as the organizer of the Charmony festival and a representative of the Family in Penacony. The Family, a faction in Honkai Star Rail, is blessed by Xipe the Harmony.

Robin, rumored to be one of The Family’s leaders in Penacony, is expected to play a crucial role in the Penacony Stellaron crisis. Her character exudes a stylish and showbiz aura, adorned in a stunning white and violet frock with a circle headpiece. With an attractive model, Robin is likely to captivate many players when she is introduced on the banners.

Penacony is poised to be a dreamlike futuristic world that may unveil old mysteries, particularly regarding March 7th’s former name. Feel free to share your thoughts on Penacony and the characters you are eager to obtain in the comment section.

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